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to not renew insurance with Direct Line because of Chris Addison's ads?

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longfingernails · 11/04/2011 21:40

He is such a wet caricature of the stereotypical left-wing comedian. On top of that, unlike other left-wing comedians like David Mitchell, who has a wonderfully incisive wit, he just isn't funny!

I have more or less equivalent quotes between Direct Line and another insurance company (the other is around £15 cheaper but covers slightly less). Normally I wouldn't go through the trouble, but the aforesaid Mr Addison has persuaded me to take my custom elsewhere.

OP posts:

COCKadoodledooo · 11/04/2011 22:04

Haven't worked out if he's more or less irritating than the Fry/Merton combo that preceded him. Makes no odds to me though because they won't insure me (house or car!).


treas · 11/04/2011 22:11

Dh and I have seen Chris Addison in standup and found him very funny, although dh is somewhat turned off by the fact that he never seems able to do up the top 4 buttons of his shirts!


smallwhitecat · 11/04/2011 22:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bran · 11/04/2011 22:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

candleshoe · 11/04/2011 22:18

Saw him 'live' - he was great!


hardhatdonned · 11/04/2011 22:19

You do want to renew with Direct Line they're fantastic if you ever have an accident.


EvenLessNarkyPuffin · 11/04/2011 22:23

I always pick my insurers on the basis of the political leanings of those chosen to advertise for them. Fuck


HugeGrant · 11/04/2011 22:26

Fwiw I've met him a couple of times, only briefly, and he was really nice.

The ads are a bit irritating, but not as bad as some others imo...


mayorquimby · 11/04/2011 22:27

Is he the bloke from "the thick of it"?
If so he's brilliant


smallwhitecat · 11/04/2011 22:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

longfingernails · 11/04/2011 22:35

Oh yes. Marcus Brigstocke is just about the only comedian who annoys me more than Chris Addison.

smallwhitecat I like David Mitchell - he is very quick on his feet, and I find the way he gets all het-up over tiny things worthy of many a chortle.

OP posts:

antlerqueen · 11/04/2011 22:45

Funny how i don't know the political leanings of any comedians. Any right-wing comedian recommendations? i love both Chris Addison and David Mitchell, so i'd quite like to see what's on the other side if you will :D


longfingernails · 11/04/2011 22:55

Sadly, there is not much chance of any right-wing comedians breaking through when the purse-strings are controlled by the BBC and Channel 4.

OP posts:

BabCNesbitt · 12/04/2011 14:53

Right-wing comedians? There's always Jim Davidson.


notquitenormal · 12/04/2011 15:15

Chris Addison is just a Jasper Carrot tribute act.

Make's me laugh sometimes (as does David Mitchell) Can't say he'd sway me either way on a household bill TBH.


KatieMiddleton · 12/04/2011 15:17

He won't have written the ads. Which i agree are not v funny.

I like him. He looks like my dh. If dh had curly hair.

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