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pretend Quorn is chicken to a non-veggie ?

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bulletinthehead · 11/04/2011 16:27

Had MIL over for tea, was making a bbq chicken dish and then realised that I only had one packet of chicken thighs, when I needed two. Digging in the freezer I found a packet of quorn fillets, so chucked them in the recipe instead.

She is not a veggie, and she commented on how lovely and succulent the "chicken" was. AIBU to have laughed inwardly and not told the truth?

OP posts:

squeakytoy · 11/04/2011 16:29

I would have told her the truth. And you also must be a bloody brillant cook too, to manage to make that stuff taste so good!. :)


sixlostmonkeys · 11/04/2011 16:29

heh, that's a familiar story around here. Thing is though, if you tell them it's quorn they decide they won't like it....Hmm


SoupDragon · 11/04/2011 16:30

Perhaps she was commenting on the actual chicken or simply being polite because it was rank...


SarahStrattonHasNiceBears · 11/04/2011 16:32

Ha there is no way you could fool my DDs with quorn. My money is on her being polite.


bulletinthehead · 11/04/2011 16:33

SoupDragon - If so she is an amazing actor!

OP posts:

TandB · 11/04/2011 16:39

I can believe she was fooled - my DP once thought I had cooked a separate chicken dish for him when he was eating quorn - I suspect it was just that I had entirely drowned the quorn with strongly flavoured sauce, mind.


HipHopopotomus · 11/04/2011 16:48

its NOT chicken its FUNGUS Blush


bulletinthehead · 11/04/2011 16:52

LOL just imagining MIL's face when I tell her that HipHop

OP posts:

BikeRunSki · 11/04/2011 16:57

I tried to fob a real "meat and two veg" eater off with a Linda McCartney Mince and Onion pie. He said "Not very meaty is it? " I said "Hmm, Morrison's....". Might have got away with it...

I have also given a vegan real sauages by accident. Every one else had veggie sausages and I had TOTALLY forgotten that he had redently returned to veganism after eating meat for a while. He said "These taste very good for veggie sausages" as the penny dropped, I thought about saying "Oh yes, they are this new type" but had to confess. He forgave me.

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