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AIBU? have booted a bloke's Audi?

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hogsback · 07/04/2011 21:16

Disclaimer: I loathe inattentive drivers. I particularly loathe inattentive drivers wearing sunglasses and Armani while ON THE PHONE at the wheel of their effete stylish Audi convertible.

So was I unreasonable to put a size 7 Alpinestar into side of said car at the lights and indicate my displeasure as best as one can while wearing a bike helmet?

To be fair, he did go as white as his suit and put the phone away immediately :)

OP posts:
hogsback · 07/04/2011 22:02

Wow for my first YABU I think I'm doing pretty well, though no
biscuits yet :(

OP posts:
GORGEOUSX · 07/04/2011 22:02

Methinks troll.

hecate · 07/04/2011 22:02


There you go.

hecate · 07/04/2011 22:02
ivykaty44 · 07/04/2011 22:02

would you all be so righteous if the op had saved your child from being run over by the man driving his car whilst on the phone, by kicking his wheel and him putting his phone away?

Rhinestone · 07/04/2011 22:03

I loathe thugs.

BeerTricksPotter · 07/04/2011 22:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scottishmummy · 07/04/2011 22:07

wouldnt be so self righteous as to embellish a story with detail not known

but if we are going for it,this embellishment thing

maybe the driver was paediatric consultant dashing to itu,making arrangements on phone to save some desperately ill child,and kick to audi distracts him so much he is unable to complete his worthy job

you see ivykaty my made up story is as daft as yours

hogsback · 07/04/2011 22:08

Hecate Thanks! I know I was being unreasonable and it was terrible, unforgivable, irresponsible behaviour not worthy of a 40 year old professional woman but it made me feel like an arsey 15 year old again and the look on his little face was priceless.

Is it permissible to award oneself a biscuit?

OP posts:
hogsback · 07/04/2011 22:09

Oh thanks Hecate!

OP posts:
ivykaty44 · 07/04/2011 22:13

hmm perhaps there has never been a child run over by a motorist on the mobile phone any more than a peadiatric rushing for work and to save soem desperatly ill child and was unable to complete his job - do you really think that is the case?

scottishmummy · 07/04/2011 22:14

i think im responding to your hyperbole and embellished stories ivy

Thornykate · 07/04/2011 22:15

Out of interest OP what would you have done if the driver retaliated & struck your bike, or worse struck you?

delicatequestion · 07/04/2011 22:18

oh troll what sort of professional person are you?

[screwed up face emoticon, boz eyed]

hogsback · 07/04/2011 22:20

ivykaty to be fair there was no child in imminent danger of being run over on that section of the A3. It was me being petulant. I knew this before I posted but needed it confirming.

I'm now suitably cowed.

It was still fun though

OP posts:
BeerTricksPotter · 07/04/2011 22:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sungirltan · 07/04/2011 22:22

yanbu. at all

FlaminGreatGallah · 07/04/2011 22:24

What colour was it?

hogsback · 07/04/2011 22:24

thorny to be fair he didn't look the type. And most people for whatever reason think twice about picking fights with bikers, even (especially?) female ones.

OP posts:
hogsback · 07/04/2011 22:26

flamin White A4, cream leather.

OP posts:
BeerTricksPotter · 07/04/2011 22:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PatriciaHolm · 07/04/2011 22:28

I suspect most of the posters here have never had the experience of riding a motorbike in city traffic and experiencing the weird feeling that is the knowledge that, a. Most people don't seem to see you and b. Even if they did, they don't pay much attention or think about how much space to allow.

That said, I don't think I was ever driven to actually kicking a car, though I was definitely tempted (the wankers who drove up behind me at a red light and deliberately nudged my back wheel whilst shouting derogatory things about women on bikes certainly deserved a well placed boot).

FlaminGreatGallah · 07/04/2011 22:28

YANBU then Grin

ivykaty44 · 07/04/2011 22:30

I bet you wish he had got out and hit you - you could have had a big bruise to show rather than just receive a pasting here Grin

delicatequestion · 07/04/2011 22:31

beertricks fair enough - but it that was my gut response to OP as it seem hideous someone would behave that way and then relsih it even if it is online, if this really did happen then those that have been equally relishing details need to get a reality check, it was wonton (!) criminal damage as someone else said further up.

If not a troll then I am Shock and YABU but not for thinking to do it.Grin but that doesnt make it right IMO

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