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on tax credits.

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goodbyemrschips · 06/04/2011 07:59

I filled out the online form on mumsnet to get an idea of next years payments, got a figure.

I filled out the official form on gov website got another figure.

Only £200 difference but surely they should be the same with the same info typed in?

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mypandasgotcrabs · 06/04/2011 08:01


The hmrc site & entitledto site both give different figures. Believe it or not the entitledto is much more accurate. I've never had a correct figure from the hmrc site.


goodbyemrschips · 06/04/2011 08:09

lol just been on another site and got another figure.

As said they are only a couple of hundred pound difference but should be the same.

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