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to wonder why a hybrid pram/motorised scooter thingy hasn't been invented?

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BagofHolly · 06/04/2011 00:40

I have 3 children, the oldest of which is only 25 months so we have a triple pram - forward facing side-by-side buggy for the twins with a massive toddler seat on top. (ABC Adventure triple). I love it but gosh it's heavy, and once it's going, it's like halting a battleship. I'm knackered when we've all been out and am developing big muscles pushing it around.
I was so mahoosive at the end of my twin pregnancy that I borrowed a motorised scooter in our local big Tesco and it was fab! So as I was sweating buckets today, lugging everyone down the road, I thought how fab it'd be to hop on my own mum-buggyboard and glide serenely along! I'd only need as much speed as a disabled scooter, and I'd arrive at our destination refreshed, not bedraggled!
I put this to DH tonight and he seems to think this is the ramblings of a mad woman, but couldn't actually say why it's such a daft idea!
Do I have to retreat to the garage and go all "robotwars", pimping my pram or has someone else already had my frankly genius idea?

OP posts:

worraliberty · 06/04/2011 00:42

Shhhhhh get your thread deleted and copyrite your idea woman!! Grin

I think some sort of power assisted pram would be brilliant in your case. Not sure about the safety aspect but that could well be overcome in some way.


Cloudbase · 06/04/2011 00:45

I suggest a swift meeting with the very genuis Sir Clive Sinclair post haste


Cloudbase · 06/04/2011 00:45

Or even the genius! And I would be first in the queue to buy one.


booandbump · 06/04/2011 00:46

Sounds like a great idea to me!


LDNmummy · 06/04/2011 00:55

Its on its way! Check out the Oragami Stroller, it can use kinetic energy to charge your Ipod or mobile phone and also to self fold.

It is awesome though lacks storage. I believe t will be on the market some time this year and I cannot wait to see it in real life. I think it is the first step to what you are thinking of.


LDNmummy · 06/04/2011 01:00


BagofHolly · 06/04/2011 02:28

Cute, LDNmummy! But where does the mum sit?! Grin

OP posts:

VajazzHands · 06/04/2011 02:48

Been thinking with DH they need to come up with a bike trailer that takes a car seat

Babies need to be a one year so me and DH are house bound as currently carless :(


BagofHolly · 06/04/2011 03:40

Perhaps a variant of this? It needs to take the maxicosi cabriofix car seat, obviously. And have cup holders.

OP posts:

BagofHolly · 06/04/2011 03:42

Vajazzhands, you're so right. If they just put longer/better straps in ordinary bike trailers you could maybe strap a car seat in, rearfacing.

OP posts:

AmarintaTinhat · 11/04/2011 20:44

Actually the Pram motor was invented by the Victorians. A motor scooter with foot boards the nanny stood on and connected to the pram. I saw the motor for one only this weekend at the Steam Gala at Maldon Museum of Power.

See « Reply #61 on: Today at 05:36:49 PM » on link below for a picture of one in operation.,28907.msg656686.html#msg656686

As no motorised vehicles would be permitted on pavements, this thing would be on the road amid the other traffic, automobiles, carriages, hacks and horses. A proper child elimination device and only nanny would be blamed. What thoughtful people her employers were.


ramblingmum · 11/04/2011 20:53

I only have 2 dds but it is very hilly round here and always thought a powered buggy would be a great invention. Even if it was a bit like the electric golf trollies, so I would still have to walk but the buggy would power its own way up the hill. I ended up finding it was easier to carry dd2 untill dd1 could be made to walk up the hills herself.


pingviner · 11/04/2011 21:07


whyme2 · 16/06/2011 14:00

I think you need one of these,

automated person mover



friendcat · 16/06/2011 14:04

oooh, not a solution to your problem (unless DP has a magical shed) but it reminded me of these, I SO wanted one when preg but was not allowed for fear of pointing and laughter
stroller bike


Wajid · 24/03/2012 22:26


My name is Wajid Hussain,

i have been working on this for a few years now and now have decide to go ahead with the design i have in plan, it would be great to hear from you if you want any inside info, we had a bit of a problem with the weight of the battery because even tho this pram will be aided with a electric motor it will sill be heavy if you were to pick it up, say if you were to board a bus or a train, or even to pick up and place in your car boot, we have manged to reduce the weight of the motor itself to a size which is no bigger than a male fist, and also have removed weight from the pram itself, if you have any suggestions before the design goes for prototype please feel free to write, i will reply to each email personally that's a promise.

Thanks for reading


Wajid · 24/03/2012 22:31


Design will go to manufacturers for prototype by june 1st and will return by end of june,
if you would like to see photos of the working concept please email me and i will be more thank happy to send them,

Once again
Thanks for reading

W Hussain

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