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To be getting a little fed up up with Kelle Hampton

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MrBloomEatsVeggies · 05/04/2011 22:03

She's lovely, her kids are adorable, I love her joie de vivre. I've been reading her blog for a while now..but seriously, enough marrow sucking.

Starting to grate just a teeny bit, and I'm starting to feel a tad inadequate.

She even gets all thankful and excited about dust particles (well, maybe not thankful, but she did get excited).

I'm sure there has to be one or two who know what I'm talking about!

OP posts:

BoysAreLikeDogs · 05/04/2011 22:05

so don't read it then



MrBloomEatsVeggies · 05/04/2011 22:07

I have to. It's just one of those things that must be read.

OP posts:

Firawla · 05/04/2011 22:10

oh no, I think its nice. Doesn't grate for me I find her blog quite heart warming. yabu


MrBloomEatsVeggies · 05/04/2011 22:13

Oh yes, it's heartwarming, I agree. I love the pics of her girls. It's the never waning enthusiasm for bloody everything. Can it be real?

OP posts:

Mumcentreplus · 05/04/2011 22:22

who the f is Kelle Hampton?


angel1976 · 05/04/2011 22:29

YABU! I love Kelle Hampton, her blog for those who do not know who she is. She is beautiful, her daughters are beautiful and her husband seems very nice. I love her honesty and she makes me feel like I'm not doing that bad a job with my children as she reminds me of all the small things that matter...


thisisyesterday · 05/04/2011 22:36

no, i love her blog actually!

did you read the recent-ish post about how sometimes it isn't all la la la skipping in the sunshine and being lovely?


angel1976 · 05/04/2011 22:39

thisisyesterday Was it her March 23 post (the one where they went to the orange grove)? About how sometimes the baby cries etc and it seemed like an awful experience but her daughter 'forgets' all the bad bits and remembers it as being wonderful? I love that post and try to hold on to that when I am having a bad day with my boys. :)


stealthcat · 05/04/2011 22:57

I love her blog too. Smile


saltyseadog · 05/04/2011 23:10

YABU I heart Kelle (and her dd's outfits)


socka · 05/04/2011 23:21

Sometimes she's a bit Hmm the stuff about the loss of her friends child seemed insensitive.
But she's honest, and creative and I'm sure she's a far nicer person than I Grin
It's just all a bit girly for me, gorgeous kids and photos though


LucyGoose · 06/04/2011 15:19

Sorry - what does "suck the marrow" mean? Sounds a bit fatty and gelatinous


Desperateforthinnerthighs · 06/04/2011 15:20

who the hell is she????


MrBloomEatsVeggies · 06/04/2011 16:24

OP posts:

MrBloomEatsVeggies · 06/04/2011 16:26

Suck the marrow means enjoying and getting the most out of life (I believe).

OP posts:

AliSheedy · 06/04/2011 16:26

Oh puke. I hate those American Mom blogs.


MrBloomEatsVeggies · 06/04/2011 16:29

Well it's a little bit different in that her life was turned upside down when she gave birth to a daughter with Down Syndrome. She didn't know her daughter had it.

The birth story, here is very moving.

OP posts:

AliSheedy · 06/04/2011 16:34

I respect that.

Her daughters are gorgeous and I'm sure she provides inspiration for some other parents of SN children (I have DS with autism, so am not unsympathetic).

But all the baking and making and forcing yourself to enjoy every moment? It's exhausting just reading about it.


LucyGoose · 06/04/2011 16:42

That makes me tired just reading her blog. Why does she have to have everything oh-so-perfect and cutesy? I would go mental doing all that.


MilaMae · 06/04/2011 16:46

I read her blog find it quite uplifting if I'm in a grouchy mood ie it makes you focus on what you've got as she does find joy in the small things.

Her children are gorgeous and I love how she's taken something upsetting to her initially and turned it into a good thing.It does encourage you to find beauty in the small things.

The only thing is I do feel inadequate sometimes especially when looking at her(she's stunning) and her beautiful daughters. How does she get them to dress and look so damn gorgeous all the time?Just thinking of my Iphoto albums of which many a hideous photo featuring many less than flattering photos of my kids live. It must be the Florida sun also the blonde hair ,believe me my dd would not look so gorgeous in some of those thrown together outfits which work so well on her two.

How does she get so many lovely photos? I could snap away for a week and not get one of my 3 I'd be willing to share with the world.

All their friends seem to be stunning too.

I read a few blogs and have a real soft spot for hers.For some reason it doesn't bug me so much as others which I don't even bookmark.


MrBloomEatsVeggies · 06/04/2011 16:50

That's an interesting thought Ali, 'forcing' herself to enjoy every moment. She does do that doesn't she, or at least seems to.

OP posts:

thisisyesterday · 06/04/2011 16:53

i'm not sure it is forced though... but she only blogs about the good stuff iyswim?
going out and having a nice time is something to write about. sitting at home while the kids trash the place.. less so i think!

i do think she's very optimistic and life-loving tho, so maybe she has more of the former than the latter anyway. i think i might if i lived in her house in Florida too mind you


AliSheedy · 06/04/2011 17:01

Don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking her. It's a good thing, to enjoy every moment, and having a child with SN certainly puts life in focus.

But I just find this type of blog a bit sickly 'Look at me and my perfect life'. Doesn't appeal to me, that's all.


thisisyesterday · 06/04/2011 17:04

i do get where you're coming from... but it's a blog! it isn't going to be all "hey i'm really shit, please don't read this" is it?
that's the wohle point... if you don't like it then don't read it surely? Confused


AliSheedy · 06/04/2011 17:08

I don't and won't be Grin

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