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to be bloody angry with Other Half!!!

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oprahfan · 03/04/2011 21:32

Oooooh, boy, am i upset, give me a kick in the backside if i'm being a precious twunt.

Me and him haven't been getting on too well over the past few months, ok, years, we don't go out together, and haven't been out as a family this year cos of costs, fuel rises, you know how it is....
Anyway, he's had some horrendous problems with his car, been breaking down unexpectedly, me paying to get it fixed the last 3 times in 3 weeks, etc. I decided we needed a break at the weekend, and booked us away to a really nice hotel for some r & r, we have worked so hard this year.

I asked OH if we could take my car as it is far more reliable, and i didn't want the car breaking down on us in precious family time off, I let him know my concerns several times, but he said the garage had told him the journey would be fine, it would be reliable, etc, he wouldn't have it that we should take my car.
Anyway, we were 150 miles from home, weekend away going well when there was a huge bang from the car, the front springs gone. Needless to say we waited hour and half for recovery truck to take us 150 miles home. I was so angry with OH, he overrules me all the time, why can't he listen to me and my concerns? I could cry, it happened this morning, it cut into our little holiday, it took us 4 hours to get home, he has been a lot like this a lot over the years.He has said that I have been right about things in the past, he should have listened.
Why doesn't he respect me? I'm not some old nag! Howl!!!!

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heliumballoons · 03/04/2011 21:38

He admitted you were right Shock Think he may be a little embarrassed and learnt his lesson.


oprahfan · 03/04/2011 21:41

he hasn't admitted i was right about my concerns re the car, he said it couldn't have been forseen.............git!!!

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jenga079 · 03/04/2011 21:41

You're not being precious. It sounds like you've had a very disappointing weekend. Seems a bit weird that you don't to things together though. Not even a walk at a weekend? Sunday lunch in a local pub? Cinema? Maybe a few baby steps like those would be less stressful than a full on weekend away?


oprahfan · 03/04/2011 21:46

hi jenga
i am disappointed we don't do stuff together anymore,
he says we should do stuff together, so do i, but he goes out with his mates or is at work a lot in the evenings, usually 5 evenings a week. The weekend away wasn't at all stressful until the car croaked it.....................

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TattyDevine · 03/04/2011 21:51

You need to learn to do "I told you so" and "air of the deeply wronged" a little bit better Grin


oprahfan · 03/04/2011 21:55

well Tatty
He's gone upstairs, hiding from me, not speaking, I did say he'd really hacked me off this time..........will that do?!!!! HA!HA! (pouty lip back out again....) I'm still p*ed off, big time...........

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TattyDevine · 03/04/2011 22:06

Here's some tips.

When he comes in the room, issue a deep sigh. When he asks what is wrong, say "ohh.... nothing .... "

When he's in the kitchen making toast, just stand there with your hand on your hip, looking out of the corner of your eye and drumming on the worktop with your fingers.

Practice in front of the mirror the raising of one eyebrow whilst keeping a stoic expression. If you can't do it, get botox on one side of your face.

Next lesson: The audible nail bite. Coming soon...


oprahfan · 03/04/2011 22:08

Wow Tatty, sounds convincing, can i use a hammer as well, or do i have to chew my nails in order?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oprahfan · 03/04/2011 22:09

Botox? sod that, he's still a git...................

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jenga079 · 03/04/2011 22:29

Haha, Tatty, do you offer some kind of 'I told you so' course? If not, you should! OP, I'm glad weekend was going well until the car incident (as it should now be known) Good luck with arranging more fun stuff together (after you've made him suffer for a suitable period of course )


TheSkiingGardener · 03/04/2011 22:35

He doesn't sound like he thinks your opinion or company is worth much. Hit him with a wet fish until he wakes up.


oprahfan · 03/04/2011 22:42

hi SkiingGardener

Mmmmm, it's interesting what you say about my opinion and my company, it's true, wet fish? I've got some chicken breasts in the fridge, i had to do the shopping after as, it seems i should make him suffer a bit more, yes, i can do that..............

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DorisIsAPinkDragon · 03/04/2011 22:56

why did you give in and not take your car? He didn't listen to you then is this the normal state of play?

Does he ever follow your lead?


warthog · 03/04/2011 22:59

i would have TOLD him we were taking my car. you're putting up with too much shit, woman. you don't need to ask him all the time ya know.


oprahfan · 03/04/2011 23:00

hi Doris
Yes,it's pretty much the state of play, he doesn't listen to me, only for him to tell me a few weeks, months, years later i was doing the right thing. He does follow my lead sometimes.
Why did i give in? Mmmm, don't know, don't want to argue or make things unpleasant I suppose

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squeakytoy · 03/04/2011 23:01

To be fair, it didnt cut into your holiday, you were on your way home, it just meant the journey took longer. :)


oprahfan · 03/04/2011 23:03


Ha!Ha! He still isn't talking to me either, I agree though, i do take too much shit, but I can't use empty threats, can I? I have told him recently he doesn't respect me or value me.........then what?

OP posts:

oprahfan · 03/04/2011 23:05

squeakytoy, it happened this morning, we were going to spend the day by loch lomond and then go onto oban, home for 9ish at night, we got to loch lomond............................

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squeakytoy · 03/04/2011 23:17

Ahhhhh.... thats different then. I am forever biting my tongue and stopping myself saying "told you so" to my beloved, but I just let him get on with it for a quiet life most of the time anyway..

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