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to suspect that boys and men must eat loo paper?

11 replies

grovel · 03/04/2011 15:39

Or do they hide it? It certainly disappears awfully quickly. I'm going to ration it.

OP posts:

Oakmaiden · 03/04/2011 15:40

With you on this.


RunAwayWife · 03/04/2011 15:49

When DS1 was small I found him putting the toilet paper in the toilet while still on the roll then flushing so the toilet roll spun on the holder, he thought it was the funniest thing ever!!!


southmum · 03/04/2011 15:52

DP wadges it up and uses it to make a landing pad when he has a crap, thats where ours goes Hmm


Geistesabwesenheit · 03/04/2011 16:02

Landing pad Grin is better than an inadvertent enema. It's the opposite in our house, DD and I seem to use loads, not that I monitor it.


Reallyneedajob · 03/04/2011 16:07

When I was younger I hated going to the bathroom after my brother as he'd usually clogged it up with toilet paper. I never told my mum as I would have been mortified in case she thought I'd blocked it, so I always just unclogged it myself. Fortunately my husband seems to use normal amounts.


craftynclothy · 03/04/2011 16:10

Other way round in our house. Dh has a "one square for a wee, two squares for a poo" rule Grin.


BrigitBigKnickers · 03/04/2011 16:10

My nephew goes through so much my sil has told him he has to buy his own out of his allowance!


Rohanda · 03/04/2011 16:11

and we use both sides. very carefully. no sense in waste.


worraliberty · 03/04/2011 16:11

I have 3 boys and a Husband. I can confirm they all think their arses are somehow superior and more deserving of as much bog roll as possible Hmm


lilyliz · 03/04/2011 17:35

girl at work was actually suspected of stealing loo roll but turned out she used reams of the stuff even for a wee.


bettydraperswardrobeelf · 03/04/2011 17:39

My husband's the same - I swear I got through about a quarter of the loo roll when I lived on my own. Madness.

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