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to have told DS what rape is? XP thinks so :/

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Zellys · 01/04/2011 22:48

This evening DS1 (9), asked me what rape was. I asked why he was asking and he'd heard someone talking about it in the street.

I said it was when someone made someone have sex with them when they didn't want to. He asked if you had to go to hospital, I said you didn't have to but it was a good idea for various reasons, he said "like you could get HIV" (he's been asking a lot of questions about HIV/AIDS since comic relief).

He then asked more questions about HIV transmission, especially the measures taken to try and safeguard the baby of a HIV+ woman.

XP called me just now (DS is at his tonight), to let me know how 'disgusting and inappropriate' it was to tell DS what rape is and about HIV, and that I should 'just let him be a child'.

I've always answered questions as honestly as I can, I hated being fobbed off when I was a kid, but WIBU?

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Zellys · 02/04/2011 20:53

XP is a bit of a knob. When I asked what I should've said he said the fact that he was asking showed I'd traumatised him with "all the AIDS talk last week". Ah well.

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