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To be really pissed off at all the threads with the word "Nobdie" on them?

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MissGreatBritain · 01/04/2011 22:32

I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!!!! Please someone enlighten me ... every time I come on here I'm bombarded with Nobdie this and Nobdie that. What's it all about?

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JjandtheBeanlovesUnicorns · 01/04/2011 22:33

me too miss.... marking my place for some answers


Tortington · 01/04/2011 22:33

its a club of people who aren't recognisable. they are proud of this fact, joined together and called themselves nobdies as it was created out of a spelling mistake.
perhaps you should join? Wink


backwardpossom · 01/04/2011 22:34

Nobdie where I live means nobody. But I'm a right teuchter.


JenniL1977 · 01/04/2011 22:35

It's just cliquey stuff, isn't it?


MissGreatBritain · 01/04/2011 22:38

Can't they piss off into a Nobdie section somewhere, because they're getting right on my tits.

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