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skybluepearl · 01/04/2011 19:46

any one any opinions on kinesiology? i'm interested but also very doubtful about it at the same time.

OP posts:

onlion · 01/04/2011 19:47

No. Id love to know more though.


LollipopViolet · 01/04/2011 20:37

I have a friend who is a practitioner and another friend who has used HK (Health Kinesiology) to great effect.

I love how it's non-invasive and how the philosophy is bout listening to your body and what it wants/needs. Also how it's meant to work with conventional medicine and not instead of it.


letsblowthistacostand · 01/04/2011 21:05

I've used it for allergies and depression/anxiety and found it very helpful. Don't know exactly how it works though. I will say that my practitioner was incredibly easy to talk to and very good at asking the right question. So there was a lot of counseling involved, I'm sure that helped too.


ChocolateTeacup · 01/04/2011 21:05

I had it combined with Acupuncture when I had SPD in pregnancy and thought it was great but strange


SquirtedPerfumeUpNoseInBoots · 01/04/2011 21:12

I've recently had an appointment, and I'm taking the potion she made up for me. Have to say it was all a bit woo woo for me, but I was careful not to tell her too much and she did these exercises with my arm and declared problems with anxiety and thyroid. Thyroid not mentioned by GP, but it does make sense as my mum and gran are both on thyroid meds.

I do feel a bit better i would have to say, but will see.

Can fully understand why witches were feared. Not that I'm calling her a witch.


TaffyandTeenyTaffy · 01/04/2011 21:18

Worked wonders on my hay fever and they identified a number of food intolerances, which made me feel a whole heap better when I was pretty ill a few years ago. Bit weird and I dont understand how/why it worked - but that wasn't really an issue for me. I would give it another go if I needed to in the future.


CadleCrap · 01/04/2011 21:24

I've had it for hayfever. I think it worked wonders and she also told me I had other allergies such as Typhoid (isn't everyone pretty allergic to that?) and wallpaper Confused.

It did not "cure" me 100% but I was one hellava lot better. The only reason I didn't continue with it was I couldn't find another good practitioner.

I did find one that said they did kinesiology but she then did colout therapy on me which I found utter bollocks - FFS how can you be allergic to mild green?

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