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To think that "Graze" saw you coming and is in fact owned by Pedlars?

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StillNameChanged · 01/04/2011 18:35

I got a free box today. There is no way on God's earth I would pay £3.50 twice a week to have a measly 20g of dried fruit, 20g of plain nuts, one small flapjack cut into 3 bits, and a tablespoon of bombay mix delivered through the letterbox in masses of packaging. And I am a terrible waster of money on worthless overpriced crap - so who the hell orders this stuff? The same people that buy £350 rusty spanners off Pedlars?

If I wanted that stuff I'd just order it along with the rest of my Ocado order, at a fraction of the cost.

The dried fruit was foul and tasted like mackerel anyway.

Has no one told them there's a blardy recession on?

OP posts:

bintofbohemia · 01/04/2011 18:38

Grin I got a couple free/half price but no way would I pay full price, it's insane.


turdass · 01/04/2011 18:43

Yes, I had a look at their website the other day and considered the free box. It does look expensive and really I can pick up olives/bombay mix etc in Tesco's. It must be for posh people who are too swanky to do normal shopping. Also the box would not last me a week - I'd eat it all in one go (greedy gorb emoticon).


turdass · 01/04/2011 18:45

Or maybe it is for dieters/control freaks/ celeb types who have all the meals pre-cooked and shipped in daily. Maybe they freak out on one olive a day as a treat?


turdass · 01/04/2011 18:46

In Northern Ireland we would say that a shop has 'big windies' ie they have seen you coming from far off thus enabling them to exploit you mercilessly!


FurCoatNoNickname · 01/04/2011 18:47

what's Pedlars?


onlion · 01/04/2011 18:47

I think its the most ridiculous concept


TitsalinaBumSquash · 01/04/2011 18:48

I used to get them back when they used to be £2.50 a box, I only got 1 a week. I would wait for the postman Saturday morning then snarf the lot as soon as it plopped through the door! Grin


Katisha · 01/04/2011 18:49

There was a phase when loads of people at work were getting them. Seems to have dried up now - evidently having arrived at same conclusion as OP.


MikeRotch · 01/04/2011 18:50

i SAID this ages ago

buy an apple fgs
even buying marks cut up melon is cheaper


Bogeyface · 01/04/2011 18:50

I had a free one and i didnt think they were worth it either and that was then they were £2.99!

I cant see the company lasting that much longer tbh, as i dont know anyone who has had more than their free one!


SardineQueen · 01/04/2011 18:50

YANBU it's silly on all levels.


LindyHemming · 01/04/2011 18:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SardineQueen · 01/04/2011 18:51


SardineQueen · 01/04/2011 18:52

TWO teabags yes that's right TWO Shock


TitsalinaBumSquash · 01/04/2011 18:52

Haha those tea bags are amazing! I love shit naff stuff.


NorthernGobshite · 01/04/2011 18:52

I had them when they were cheaper as it was a nice treat to get on my desk once a week and relatively healthy...but soon realised that its a stoopid waste of money!!


VivaLeBeaver · 01/04/2011 18:53

Pedlar virgin alert.


KenDoddsDadsDog · 01/04/2011 18:53

We went through a phase in our office of getting them. They get really boring after a while.


VivaLeBeaver · 01/04/2011 18:54

OMG - this is better than the spanner. £2400 for a squirrel light, you could not make it up.


KenDoddsDadsDog · 01/04/2011 18:54

Ooooh someone new to show the Pedlars spanner to! Grin


VivaLeBeaver · 01/04/2011 18:55

Someone bought the spanner, tis no longer for sale.


overmydeadbody · 01/04/2011 18:55

lol sardine.

Who would be stupid enough to buy those?


suzikettles · 01/04/2011 18:56

This is Pedlars.

They saw you coming from so far off that they had time to break into the factory down the road that closed down 20 years ago and has had all its windows broken by the local neds, drag this out, dust it off and stick a price tag of over a grand on it.



VivaLeBeaver · 01/04/2011 18:57

8 years ago when I left my old employer every office had one of these clocks, If I knew they were worth £700 I'd have had 'em all on my last day.


MikeRotch · 01/04/2011 18:57

got o that Julian graves shop , buy in bulk and employ a small gnome to put into boxes voila

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