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To think "DAMNED mothers day"

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cherrychoo · 31/03/2011 19:07

When my friends children lost their mum only 8 weeks ago, and every one in their class are making mothers days cards and every where you look its "mothers day stuff"

Feel SO SO sad for them Sad

Its SO hard isnt it.

OP posts:

TidyDancer · 31/03/2011 19:09

That's horrible. :(

I hope the school are trying to distract them.


receiverofopiniongiver · 31/03/2011 19:09


ragged · 31/03/2011 19:21

I hate these "prescribed" & compulsory celebrations, like VAlentine's, New Years or Father's Day.


Zippylovesgeorge · 31/03/2011 19:24

Am feeling the same about a friends son - he lost his Mum last week - is only 8 and is totally devasted Sad.


Mandy2003 · 31/03/2011 19:43

At my DS's primary school they at first made arrangements for those with absent parents when doing art & craft for Fathers Day, then stopped celebrating it all together I think.

Hopefully Cherrychoo and Zippylovesgeorge's friends DCs schools are aware of the situation, perhaps with a little extra support they could tailor the activity for those children?

I remember the first Mothers Day after my Mother passed away I was really pleased to be able to buy a little plaque saying "Mum's Garden" which I could not have got at any other time of year.


clam · 31/03/2011 19:49

I had this last year with a little girl in my class who had lost her mother in horrific circumstances a few months previously. She was very wobbly about all sorts of things, understandably, but we had a little chat about it and she decided that she wanted to make a card to put on her mum's grave. She wrote a message in it that she volunteered to show me. Sad I've never had to fight back tears harder.

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