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AIBU to want to hit this guy upside his head!

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mommmmyof2 · 30/03/2011 21:40

Ok this guy at work, he thinks he knows everything about everything! And normally people like this I just try and ignore, however he makes it his business to but his nose in.

We did speak for a while and I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt despite my friend telling me he was a little bit two faced.

Anyway he has made comments about my life, he has told me 'It was my own fault having kids, no one forced me, eventhough all I said was I was tired, and today he basically in so many words told me to shut up!

Now I do ignore him now to the best of my ability but AIBU to want to tell him to get off his high horse and butt out!

OP posts:

orangeeyebrows · 30/03/2011 21:41

only if you dont mind if he whacks you back in the mush


DeepPurple · 30/03/2011 21:43

Violence is never the answer


mommmmyof2 · 30/03/2011 21:43

He proberly would tbh but I think it may be worth it!

OP posts:

mommmmyof2 · 30/03/2011 21:43

Haha I wouldn't say never the answer ...

OP posts:

MsToni · 30/03/2011 21:55

@ orangeeyebrows

:o :o :o

mommyof2, you should ignore him and keep out of his viral mouth...or nose.... :)


chunkyjojo · 30/03/2011 22:00

YANBU knobheads are infuriating but the world is full of them! Have a few smart come backs ready for him. If he starts you politely say " sorry can I just stop you there" and then walk away.

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