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To think that if you have chicken pox you should be I'LL..

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Ormirian · 30/03/2011 20:03

Not just spotty?

DS 2 sent home from school. Dh had to leave his class to pick him up. I'm working from home for the next few days. I had to rush into town between meetings today to get camomile and piritlon.

Got home to find a perfectly happy lively 8 yr old running around proudly showing off his bloody spots Hmm

How the hell am I going to keep him entertained while I'm working? He should at least have the decency to act I'll and lie about, being quiet and pale.

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Ormirian · 30/03/2011 20:04


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FabbyChic · 30/03/2011 20:05

I was only ill one day when I had it, then I got myself off to work. Annoying isn't it?


scuzy · 30/03/2011 20:05

ill not i'll


TidyDancer · 30/03/2011 20:08

She corrected herself scuzy....

YANBU Ormirian! Those pesky kids! Grin


wasabipeanut · 30/03/2011 20:13

I had this problem with DS last Summer. It was difficult to entertain a lively not at all under par nearly 3 year old without leaving the house for 4 days in glorious weather.

I sympathise.


moonmother · 30/03/2011 20:16

Be careful my Ds (6) was like this at first when he caught Cp last Sep.

First 24 hours he was fine, but the more spots he got the more ill he got too, 4 days later, when the last of the spots started to come out, all he could do was lay on the sofa crying.

Piriton, nurofen, calpol and calomine cream were a godsend.


dustycups · 30/03/2011 20:21

my ds2 aged 2 has them and is home and off preschool, and he his normal self and it hard for him cos he wants to go to the park and cant understand why he cant stay when we take his sister to preschool and has to stay in the pushchair in the infant school playground getting ds1! if he was actually ill it would be easier!


Ormirian · 31/03/2011 08:21

And as for hoping the piriton would make him sleepy! Ha! Hmm Awake till after 11. And now he's up with his siblings watching CBBC. It's going to be a long day....

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StealthPolarBear · 31/03/2011 08:29

Yes DS was the same, spotty but fine.
He also used to get conjunctivitis (in the days where nurseries refused to allow them) and so obv was highly infectious but not allowed out.
Nightmare - you have my sympathy


StealthPolarBear · 31/03/2011 08:30

highly infectious but felt absolutely fine I meant
And he is a child who needs wearing out


CharlotteBronteSaurus · 31/03/2011 08:30

i had the pox at 22. was fit as a fiddle, but signed off work due to being contagious. i spent the fortnight enjoying wimbledon on the telly, and made my dp do all the shopping.


RatherBeOnThePiste · 31/03/2011 08:32

You are lucky - DS was soooooooo ill with the bloody pox, he had it and scarlet fever at the same time. It was awful awful awful, so don't bloomin moan!


Ormirian · 31/03/2011 08:34

Yes I know I should be grateful - god knows I wouldn't really wish serious illness on him Sad

OP posts:

StealthPolarBear · 31/03/2011 08:35

No of course not :) Just a day of feeling you'd quite like to snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV (without jeapordising bedtim of course)


RatherBeOnThePiste · 31/03/2011 08:36

Lol - of course not! But look at the upside - you can watch Daytime TV!


notyummy · 31/03/2011 08:40

DD was absolutely fine with chicken pox - no symptoms at all other than the spots....which, thank the lord, she didn't even seem to find that itchy! I know it can be a lot worse. Her cousin had it and was COVERED in spots plus vomiting and high temperature (spots inside her eyelids and vagina - OUCH.)


Ormirian · 31/03/2011 08:42

But I can't rather! I'm supposed to be working and I suspect I will be on the phone most of the day as I have a consultant in installing a new version of a system so we need to be able to talk to each other. Just hope DS's timing is a little better than it was when he was ill last time - on the phone for a conference call when he came in and announced in a loud but wobbly voice 'Mummy I've been siiiiiick!'.

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fluffles · 31/03/2011 08:43

i remember a week of roller skating out in the street when i had chicken pox. can you not let your son out (at least as far as the garden)?


Ormirian · 31/03/2011 08:46

I was ill with it - I can remember it clearly, DB was very ill but both my older DC had it very mildly and all the spots in their hair and round DD's ankles. In fact for a few days I was convinced she had been bitten by cat fleas and was madly de-fleaing the cat and the house Hmm My CM put me right Blush and then DS1 started scratching his head.....

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Ormirian · 31/03/2011 08:47

I will fluffles - he's currently obsessed with the tadpoles in the pond and the seeds he has planted.

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RatherBeOnThePiste · 31/03/2011 08:48

Oh arse Omirian, that is a pain.

I'm currently at home with DD aged 13 who has taken too much blue inhaler and her heart was racing and she thought she was going to faint. She gets hay-fever and only has the blue inhaler essentially for this time of year, but that means her body is not hardy to it iyswim. She woke up and felt wheezy because of the hay-fever, itchy eyes as well, took 2 puffs, felt it hadn't worked so took more, then more.

She is a plonker.
But she will be going in at break time!


Ormirian · 31/03/2011 08:50

Oh lord! That can be nasty. I am so hardened to it it doesn't bother me these days but an older friend of ours was hospitalised due to it.

OP posts:

DevonDumplin · 31/03/2011 08:51

But with chicken pox the actual illness takes hold a fair few days before the spots come out so children are usually pretty poorly with flu-y like symptoms and are at their most contagious before anyone usually knows it's pox, then they start to feel better once the spots break out. Unless the spots are so intense that they themselves make the poor child ill as notyummy's neice had. I work with children and that's my understanding of how it works, god knows children do bizzar things with illnesses though Smile


RatherBeOnThePiste · 31/03/2011 08:52

DD is a plonker of Grand Proportions.
She is feeling a lot better fortunately, and is currently having a little snooze on the sofa Envy
A lesson has been learnt this morning though!


Limelight · 31/03/2011 08:53

I'm in the same situation. DS (3.9) is on day 4 of chicken pox and is essentially pretty healthy... and getting increasingly bored. He's getting sadder and is seemingly 'iller' but I think that's largely because he's really pissed off with feeling itchy. Poor kid. I don't envy him.

Not sure how much more Star Wars I can watch though frankly....

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