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to think I won't ever get another job?

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practicallyimperfect · 30/03/2011 15:12

I'm a teacher. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder last summer and since being on medication have been stable and doing well. I am a good teacher, good results, proven record as my Head would say.

Before dx I have always got interviews for jobs I applied for. But I applied for a job last week, and nothing. I had to send the health form in with application form with the laughable promise "that it will not be viewed by anyone involved in the shortlisting process" Ha.

I realise I am being slightly emotional but I am worried I will never get another job now. My sickness record is actually better now than before dx, and I got jobs then.

I need a less stressful job, I am Head of department and full time. There is nothing my school can do to reduce this. But looks like this will be it for the future.

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HMTheQueen · 30/03/2011 15:17

I work in HR (not teaching or school related) and I can tell you that we don't look at the health questionnaires. Now I know that this won't be the same everywhere... but I just thought I'd let you know.

It is a very hard market out there at the moment, so it may be just that there are lots of people applying for not a lot of jobs (eg we had 240 applicants for an admin job recently!)


suzikettles · 30/03/2011 15:19

I work in the NHS and we also don't get to see the health questionnaires. I hope someone who works in teaching & interviews will be along soon to confirm this is the same there.

If applications are handled centrally then I'm sure it will be.


xstitch · 30/03/2011 15:22

I know a lot of teachers and a lot haven't got interviews and been told they have been overwhelmed with applicants.


practicallyimperfect · 30/03/2011 15:22

Hmm, well in our school it would be the office manage who would open the letters. She is also the person responsible for cover. Not saying she would but she might mention something. Schools are very small places.

I am just pissed off I think. It was a very good school, and would have been very popular.

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kazwoo · 30/03/2011 16:20

I work in Schools HR for a Local Authority and we don't get to see health forms - they should go straight to Occupational Health or at least to the school in a sealed envelope to pass to Occupational Health.

The nurse should then review the form and if there are likely to be any problems then to make follow up enquiries with you, to ensure that not only are you suitable for the post but to make sure the post is suitable for you. It shouldn't be seen by the school.


lesley33 · 30/03/2011 16:22

My OH has bipolar and works full time. She has just never mentioned this when applying for jobs. I know ideally you should be truthful, but even though you read more about bipolar now, we both find most people have no real idea of what it means.


practicallyimperfect · 30/03/2011 22:36

Well it was posted in the same envelope. Hopefully just loads of people.

Lesley my dh says not to say anything, but I could be in serious trouble of they find out after I get job.

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darleneconnor · 31/03/2011 00:36

does your current school know about your dx?

Shouldn't they offer you some kind of compromise on your work to comply with the DDA?


practicallyimperfect · 31/03/2011 06:51

They do know, and I have been able to be part time for a year. However they are unable to offer it any longer or let me drop my responsibility. I am in a small dept, and they cannot financially cover the timetable otherwise.

I have been told that all they have to do is make reasonable adjustments, and if they can show that these adjustments are unreasonable they don't have to do it.

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