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to be extremely angry that we have been left in the lurch like this?

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FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 13:59

Now we are in the shit.

DH is off sick, he's got a prolapsed disc. Waiting for physio and probably surgery but obviously NHS is slow.

He works for a household name company, it's an important job but low income. Got proper sick pay which after a while reduced to statutory amount.

According to the CAB, his company were supposed to send a letter giving long notice of when SSP would run out, so we'd have time to claim ESA. We calculated it would be in May, and his boss said they'd get the notice letter out ASAP - though that would still be much too little notice.

So we just got the letter, stating "we will no longer be paying your SSP as of 28th March" - that's YESTERDAY!!!

AIBU to think they have seriously fucked up here?

Fucking hell and I've just realised this means we will no longer get childcare vouchers so can't afford to keep DD in preschool (it's only part funded) - not good because I am now looking for PT work!

Trying not to cry now :( DH is so angry he's shaking. He's off to the CAB again.

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Bluemoonrising · 29/03/2011 14:04

As I understand it, they should still pay childcare vouchers in times of no pay. It's a little known 'perk' - but to check on this phone the Childcare Benefits Advisory Service on 0800 028 6538.



FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 14:12

Thank you so much for that I'll pass that on to DH now.

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meditrina · 29/03/2011 14:20

YANBU, and I hope it CAB can help.

One other thing to try is, if your DH is a union member, to see if they have a benevolent association, or if there is a company or occupational one. They may be able to help with a grant to ease you through the really tight times.


FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 14:22

No, not in a union. I don't really know how they work in private sector tbh (he's in retail)

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Icelollycraving · 29/03/2011 14:26

Retail have usdaw but acas are also v helpful. Good luck!


FabbyChic · 29/03/2011 14:30

He is going to have to get a sick certificate to claim ESA they don't take long to work it out or pay it, about two weeks.

In the meantime, did you get your Tax Credits readjusted to account for his loss of earnings.


meditrina · 29/03/2011 14:32

Try the grant giving bit of Turn2us or similar. There are a surprising number of smaller charities dotted around (your parish, your line of work, your religion etc) and you might strike lucky.


FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 14:37

I was wondering about tax credits - he gets WTC since DD started daycare (twice a week)

I thought WTC would stop now because he's not working or getting any sick pay from his company - maybe I understood wrong? Or would it be made up by CTC or housing benefit?

I'm trying to get a job so I can make up the 20hrs minimum. Can't do much more as obviously DH can't look after the DCs on his own all day, can't push 19mo DS in buggy etc.

OP posts:

FabbyChic · 29/03/2011 14:38

Maybe the WTC will stop but you have to tell them for them to stop, but you still get child tax credit and that may increase. Assume you already applied for council tax benefit/housing benefit as you have been on a reduced wage.

You need to do 16 hours to get WTC.


plopplopquack · 29/03/2011 14:43

What's ESA?


FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 14:47

Ah cool I thought it was 20. 16 is more doable around the DCs - just have to hope I can find something. I've been a SAHM since DD was born in 2007 (after being made redundant at 6m pregnant - nice Hmm) and I'm studying with OU, so I'm not too confident about job-hunting but I'll keep trying.

We get a fair whack of housing/council tax benefit anyway as DH's income was only 17k, I know DH is very good at updating them when anything changes.

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FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 16:01

DH went to CAB and apparently the failure to give notice could be illegal. So a tribunal is possible. Although not sure what we would actually get out of it. He's also got an appt for next week to do a complete benefits assessment/calculation and ensure we are getting what we are entitled to.

My friend just mentioned that now I'm looking for work, I could go onto JSA? I have no idea if that would make us better or worse off.

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FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 19:26

Ah just found out DH is not allowed to be a member of a union because he's a manager. Company policy apparently.

Also he's been told that it's company procedure to NOT notify staff of any change in sick pay until the staff ask! WTF?!? But even so they've broken the rule because DH has been asking for weeks.


OP posts:

commanderprimate · 29/03/2011 19:36

It's not legal to prevent an employee joining a union. If your dh was dismissed or demoted due to joining of a union, that's a quick ticket to employment tribunal land.


skintmaternitymummy · 29/03/2011 19:38

I work in retail - in contract not allowed to join a union


squeakytoy · 29/03/2011 19:42

DH went to CAB and apparently the failure to give notice could be illegal

not if the letter got lost in the post, which is always possible..

(and you can google how long SSP is paid for and find out for yourself very easily too)


Birdsgottafly · 29/03/2011 20:03

By law they have to send out an SSP1 as they would a P45 or P60. WTC are for a fixed period, it wont stop. They just take the amount off any other benefits that you are entitled to. It is worth having a full benefits check and worth putting a claim in even if you are in doubt that you are eligible. Is he majorly incapacitated, if so he can claim DLA once he has had his injury for 3 months.


Icelollycraving · 29/03/2011 20:33

It is illegal to discriminate against those in a union.


DartsRus · 29/03/2011 20:54

This might help.


marmaladetwatkins · 29/03/2011 20:59

I thought there was a union especially for retail workers?! God knows they need it as they are amongst the hardest working in ratio to the shit pay groups of employees out there Angry


FreudianSlippery · 29/03/2011 21:02

Letter didn't get lost as they've overtly said they had no intention of sending one, had he not asked.

They'd said themselves by phone that it'd end in a while, we had asked because they'd also been very very wrong about his company sick pay (he was entitled to a fair bit as he's worked there for years) so it wasnt really googleable in this instance.

DH is feeling so let down, he's talking about quitting because this is the last straw, they've messed him about so much too many times. But surely he can't, nobody would employ him ATM would they! I think he'll have to wait until he's returned to work for a while.

This is such a mess. Hopefully next CAB appt will clear things up a bit.

OP posts:

marmaladetwatkins · 29/03/2011 21:03

Hope you sort it out soon. I feel for you.

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