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To keep old newspapers.

18 replies

goodbyemrschips · 29/03/2011 08:11

If a significant thing occurs in the news tsuami, twin towers, and the future royal wedding I always keep the newspaper of that day for my son to find in later life. They are hidden in the loft.

I keep the good stuff and the bad stuff, am I weird?

OP posts:

kreecherlivesupstairs · 29/03/2011 08:17

Probably a bit. If you move house you're stash of secret news won't be as secret any more will it?
Alternatlvely, they may be so well hidden he can't find them.


tortilla · 29/03/2011 08:18

Not as weird as my dad who for about 3 years kept every single newspaper, including all supplements, in the garage. My mum eventually got sick of it and he was forced to take them to the tip (this was in the days before recycling!)


echt · 29/03/2011 08:19

You are well weird.

But I do have the twin towers stuff.

And the falling man.

Don't do royal weddings, though.


goodbyemrschips · 29/03/2011 08:20

I dont have lots maybe 10-12 and he is 9.

If i move house they are in a box he wont see them, I would love to find old newspapers from things in history.

OP posts:

Pancakeflipper · 29/03/2011 08:22

It's not unreasonable if you have space and want to do it.


goodbyemrschips · 29/03/2011 08:23

Thanks I have the space, I could put three bedrooms in my loft..........

OP posts:

saffy85 · 29/03/2011 08:23

My dad did this for my sister. Sort of. Went out to buy all the papers on the day she was born to keep for to look at when she was older. In his new first time daddy haze he didnt pay attention to the headlines. Oh dear. All the papers were full of sensational headlines about serial killer Dennis Neilson (sunday papers) and some very graphic details about his crimes. To say we struggled to sleep that night after we found them accidently and read them (aged 8 and 10) is an understatement.

Kind of glad he only did this for my sister and not me.


goodbyemrschips · 29/03/2011 08:29

Oh dear, poor you............i do look at what i am getting...

OP posts:

Morloth · 29/03/2011 08:33

I think it is a good idea.

We found an old newspaper under the floorboards of an old house we were renovating, was fascinating.

We put it in a ziplock bag and then put it and a new one (also in a ziplock) back under the new floorboards when we were done.

A bit weird, but I really liked being in 'touch' with the original person who thought to do that.

Bit like a time capsule I suppose.


squeakytoy · 29/03/2011 08:40

I think its a good idea. When we cleared my mums house after she died, we found all sorts of stuff wrapped in newspaper in the attic, and I spent most of the week reading the newspaper rather than re-packing things.

I love looking at the prices of things compared to current prices, it fascinates me.


FabbyChic · 29/03/2011 08:51

I still have the Newspaper the next day from the Twin Towers.


memphis83 · 29/03/2011 09:00

i got my mum to buy the papers for the day ds was born and i threw them out in a new baby tiredness haze


Birdsgottafly · 29/03/2011 09:10

I think it would be very interesting to read old newspapers particulary as the use of language has changed so much and will continue to do so. It would probably explain why older generations thought and spoke as they do. I also think that the advice columns would be funny (think 1950's housewifey stuff)What papers are you keeping? On a different note if he wanted to use any of the reporting in an essay only the Guardian, Times or Observer would be allowed.


Slightlyreluctantexpat · 29/03/2011 09:15


It will grow into the kind of compulsion my DF has. He keeps each day's newspaper. He takes cuttings, files some of them, sends some to me and some to my DSis. He thinks it will fascinate us. He thinks we might not have read the same thing ourselves in the newspaper itself or on its online version, or even in a different newspaper of our own choosing. It drives my DM bonkers. She should just STOP THE MADNESS, but she doesn't.

Just keep the one from the day your DS was born!



PoledrathePissedOffFairy · 29/03/2011 09:24

I've kept the newspapers that have in them the announcement of my engagement, marriage and the DCs' births (my mum always puts an announcement in the paper for things like this). The weird thing is, they are the newspaper my parents read from where they live, not where I was living at the time!


goodbyemrschips · 29/03/2011 09:59

Good to hear some people think its good.

I have a snapshot in my head of some

twin towers

saddam hussain captured

tsumai [boxing day]

tony blair wins

july 7 bombing

invading iraq

acheivements of out football team

michael kackson dies.

enigma machine stolen

may day riots

tate modern opens

queen mum 100th birthday and death

not in any order cant remember any more think there are a few.

OP posts:

goodbyemrschips · 29/03/2011 10:00

So that is not many over nearly 10 years.

All the guardian and the sun

OP posts:

PoledrathePissedOffFairy · 29/03/2011 10:04

'michael kackson' Arf Grin

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