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to think that PARCEL 2 GO are sh1t..?

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Shhhh · 28/03/2011 20:48

sold an item via ebay, booked in on saturday for a courier collection TODAY.

I have sat in ALL day awaiting the collection.. nothing by 5 so I called them to ask if it was booked and going ahead today.. told yes of course its booked in and "do you know, collections can take up till 7pm" Hmm.

So I sat till 7pm and still NOTHING.

Unable to call P2G so I had a webchat again, only to be told collections are NOT guaranteed and they can't tell me why it didn't go ahead HmmAngry. They automatically booked it for tomorrow without any further explainations..Hmm

They wont refund and reschedule BUT will refund OR reschedule.Hmm.

Fab customer service NOT !

So I now have to explain to the person who is awiaitng delivery that its going to be delayed by a day, not only that it makes me out to be a bit dodgy or a liar..Sad. AND I have to sit in and wait for a courier for the 2nd day.. when its lovely outside and I have a 4yr old to entertain..Hmm

Note to self, PARCEL 2 GO ARE CRAP...

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squeakytoy · 28/03/2011 20:50

I use and have found their service to be faultless so far. :) It can be linked with your ebay account too.


Shhhh · 28/03/2011 20:53

I will remember that for next time squeakytoy. Smile.

I just just finished arranging it with parcel monkey, they can have my business if they can "deliver" iykiwm..
Im just awaiting them coming back to me to confirm it can go ahead for tomorrow...

Just annoys me, I mean how can you book a collection and its not guaranteed Hmm Do they really think I can and will sit in for days till they collect...?

AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICES STAFF are sooo poor. They don't care.

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slugz · 28/03/2011 21:31

I bet it was to be taken by a Hermes courier. Our system had an almighty crash today, and couriers were unable to access the collection requests. We also had to do all deliveries with only barcodes, rather than helpful addresses.
Of course this doesn't excuse parcel2go, because they should have either phoned the couriers with these details or phoned the customers affected to inform of the problem.


Shhhh · 30/03/2011 10:26

YES ! Slugz it was !

AND guess what... it was booked for monday and the hermes driver turned up yesterday! I am familiar with the guy as he delivers my next/debenhams stuff so I understood him totally.. shame really as he wanted the business BUT sadly for them I cancelled p2g and when to parcel monkey. City link came yesterday.

TBH, i so wanted my usual hermes driver to take it but seen as I had the payment refunded from p2g and had pair for parcel monkey I was stuck really..

Im still awaiting p2g to get back to me re: my complaint....

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