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to be dreading Mothers' Day when my children are older?

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AlistairSim · 28/03/2011 19:14

What if they buy me one of those hideous special compilation cd's?

How will I fake the love?

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DrNortherner · 28/03/2011 19:15

What if they don't come and see you as it will be all about them or their wives?!


BeerTricksPotter · 28/03/2011 19:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlistairSim · 28/03/2011 19:17

It's got to be better than a 'Best of Take That' and stick it up your arse

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BeerTricksPotter · 28/03/2011 19:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissusF · 28/03/2011 19:20

Dont worry Alistair, they will run in, on the way to the Rugby Club, with a garage bunch of flowers and a Diary Milk (That says BOGOF on it, the other one hanging out of his pocket to give to the girlfriend, who he will have offended when drunk the night before).

Swearing blind he hadnt forgotten, and NO, he wasnt reminded when he picked up the Sunday Paper with his fags and milk.

Of Course he had remembered and bought said flowers and chocolate earlier in the week.


MissusF · 28/03/2011 19:22

Thank God he is now married (not to same girlfriend).

My Beautiful and Darling DIL, will have bought me a lovely plant, baked a pudding, and bought me something I actually like Grin


wheredidyoulastseeit · 28/03/2011 19:24

As the mother of two teenagers, it is still my husband who sorts out the mothers day present (whilst they are in bed)Grin. So I am still getting the obligatory flowers and gifts which I like but the standard of cooking for my special lunch has improved greatly.


HappyMummyOfOne · 28/03/2011 19:25

Worry even more if you have a DS, judging by posts on here you're likely to not see him on Mothers day as DIL will demand the attention and you'll have to babysit or be classed as selfish Grin


ddubsgirl · 28/03/2011 19:49

all i get is a card and this year its dh birthday too so we all going out for a meal with other family too,card and if im lucky brekkie in bed but not every year.


NorbertDentressangle · 28/03/2011 19:54

Mine tend to know that they are safe buying me some decent chocs (and that they stand a good chance of being offered some of course!).

I wouldn't be able to hide my horror if they bought me one of those compilation CDs


seeker · 28/03/2011 19:56

Oh god - I had forgotten it was coming up! The enforced lie in and breakfast in be. I hate both with a passion!!


DurhamDurham · 28/03/2011 20:00

My two teen girls are fab, they make Mothers Day a lovely day for me. My 17 year old is planning on treating me to a cappucino and cake from our local coffee shop on the saturday. We'll be having a family meal on the sunday and they always buy me thoughtful pressies and beautiful cards.
Last year I got a chocolate sprinkler to put on my homemade cappicinos, a Marian Keyes book, Soap and Glory stuff and some Hotel Chocolates. Nothing v expensive but all chosen for me because the girls know what I love.

Best present ever was a homemade Mothers Day card with a chocolate and teabag inside. I cried when I opened that!!


AlistairSim · 28/03/2011 20:13

Damn you, DurhamDurham!
You have raised the stakes far too high.

Petrol station chocolate and flowers will be a step up from the box-with-a-cork-stuck-on-it-boat from DS and the more-glitter-than-glitter-hell card from DD.

I am a bad mother.

OP posts:

hormonesnomore · 28/03/2011 20:23

My lovely DS bought me a box of chocolates one year but didn't think it was a good enough gift for Mothers he bought me another one.

Imagination isn't his strong point, but it's the thought that counts and I really enjoyed those chocolates and ate them all myself.


Punkatheart · 28/03/2011 20:37

My daughter is 13. Last year she gave me.....................nothing.

I would cry if she gave me a cheesy tape.


pointydog · 28/03/2011 20:49

You just make lots of sniffy comments when the ads come on. They suss it out.


DurhamDurham · 29/03/2011 09:25

AlistairSim I've had my fair share of glittery cards through the years Grin

My girls did have one lapse of taste several years ago when they bought me a 'Mum' gold necklace and bracelet from Argos. They looked so proud when they gave them to me. I wore them all day and then put them back in the box where they have been ever since. Still a lovely present though as it was chosen by them, I will keep them for ever Smile


Georgimama · 29/03/2011 09:28

This DIL is spending Mother's Day with DH's mother this year.

Haven't actually told my mum yet.....


Cyclebump · 29/03/2011 09:30

I'm 28, and my sisters are 27 and 34, we have NEVER bought our mum a compilation CD.

Generally we go to church with her then take her for lunch. I'm due to have her first grandchild the day after mothers day this year so no doubt that's what she wants as her present this year!


AlistairSim · 29/03/2011 14:45

That's what I want to hear, cyclebump.

I expect an update on Tuesday...

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