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Ceoliac Support

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nappyqueen · 14/06/2010 12:44

My DS (6) has Coeliac Disease and my other DS(3) is being tested, I get on OK with most stuff but want to find ppl I can talk to about it who understand. Am in remote North of Scotland and find very little help, support or interest round here so feeling a bit isolated and would really like to feel like there are others out there?!
I don't have specific questions or need for recipes etc just ppl who know what its like!

OP posts:
gr8kids · 14/06/2010 15:05

I can understand how you feeling. I've recently tested for coeliac disease but came back negative. I've been told I have gluten intolerance. Anyways its such an unsociable thing to have. I fortunately do not suffer as coeliacs do but understand that its not nice. Cant offer you alot except an ear to listen and friendship. Keep smiling you not alone xx

Booner · 14/06/2010 18:56

I have two boys 6 and 4 both with Coeliac Disease diagnosed last year and happy to discuss anything with you!

alliwantforxmasissleep · 17/06/2010 09:36

My DS who's 5 is having his endoscopy and biopsy done at the beginning of July. Am also North Scotland.

ilove · 17/06/2010 09:40

CMOTdibbler · 17/06/2010 10:44

I've been gluten free for 12 years now - happy to chat about it !

sparklingchampagne · 18/06/2010 19:42

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease about 4 and a half years ago (after DD was born)
Happy to chat about it too - the family are pretty much gluten free as well as I can't be arsed bothered to cook different meals for all of us

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