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11 month old hayfever or conjunctivitus?

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ugudge · 04/06/2010 22:22

my son has been on anti biotic ointment for over 2 weeks now, as the gp prescribed this for a red eye that seemed to be conjunctivitus. thi s got worse however after a weekend camping and then better again when the weather changed to rainy a week later. i then stopped the anti b's and within 2 days it is back again, but coinciding with a heat wave. his eyes are very bloodshot, and slightly coated in parts with white threads, obvioulsy itchy as he keeps rubbing them, runny nose, and very thirsty for elderflower and apple juice! my homeopath is away til monday, i dunno whats best to do, and feeling quite upset.

OP posts:
Snooks14 · 04/06/2010 22:29

Poor you - it is never nice when you DC is a bit poorly and all you want to do is make them better. But from the way you describe how the systems get worse/better depending on the weather then it sounds like hayfever to me. Have you thought of trying an antihistamine?

MrsBadger · 04/06/2010 22:32


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