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Has anyone had a reaction to hair dye, but gone on to dye their hair again after?

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Disenchanted3 · 26/05/2010 16:30

Obviously I will do a 48 hour test everytime I coolur but is it likely I can still colour my hair?

Am worried because the colour that I got when i had the reacion has already faded and my hair is a washy red now and I'm stuck as my only opion is to redye or shave it all off

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mathanxiety · 26/05/2010 16:33

I used a different brand after I had a reaction (burning feeling on my scalp) and had no more problems. I managed to find a similar colour. The boxes say you can get a reaction to any dye, anytime, so what works once might not work again, and vice versa.

Disenchanted3 · 26/05/2010 16:36

Tar, its a different brand, the one i reacted to was lo'real, this is swartzkof(Sp??)

I have dyed it loads before and never had any problems.

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moonmother · 26/05/2010 16:44

I suddenly got a reaction to hair dyes a couple of years ago after having a tattoo done.

It started with itching whilst the dye was on to my glands in my neck swelling, my eyes swelling and blisters on my scalp and ears where the dye touched.

Being the vain thing I am, lol, and trying to cover the ever impending grey hairs, I've experimented with different brands.

My conclusion, for me anyway is , that I only use cheap dyes. The more expensive home dyes set my allergy off big time, I'm assuming because the amount of whatever chemical it is that affects me.

I only use Aldi's own brand hair dyes now, I have hardly any reaction at all with them.

I've looked into henna dyes, but apparently they can give you a reaction too.

My worst reaction was when I dyed my hair 2 days before Halloween last year- I ended up with swollen eyelids- my Dc's thought it added to the dressing up for Halloween Theme

Disenchanted3 · 26/05/2010 16:56

Lol at your hallowween costume!

I have the dye on my neck now and theres a tungle but nothing like last time, so i think I'll be ok,

I'm trying to loose weight and when I do I'm going to have all my hair cut short and let my natural colour grow back through.

But I will need to re-dye it a few times before then!

OP posts:
mathanxiety · 26/05/2010 22:35

It was Loreal that did it to me too.

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