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neocate active....

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simpson · 21/05/2010 20:30

DD (2.3) has been on neocate active for just over a week having previously been on neocate LCP.

Basically she has started to have horrific diorrea (sp) over the last few days (can't remember exactly when it started ) which has got worse....

She has had 2 changes of clothes today

She was fine on the old neocate and I cannot think of anything else she has eaten that she shouldn't iyswim (severely intolerant to lactose, soya & oats)

Has anyone heard of this reaction to her new milk??


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csqm · 25/05/2010 00:31

Hi! My son moved from Neocate LCP to Neocate Active with no problems at all. We use the recommended dosing (level of concentration) instructions as per the package. Could it be just something else by coincidence? E.g., virus? My son once caught a virus that caused him diarrhea for 2 weeks (no other symptoms)..Hope she gets better soon!

simpson · 29/05/2010 15:35


She has been back on original neocate for 3 days now and we have had the first "normal" poo (sorry tmi) in ages today

Spoke to her dietician who said neocate active is a very new milk so she does not know much about it yet and we may retry her with it in a few months....

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UnseenAcademicalMum · 31/05/2010 00:54

DS2 has been on Neocate Active for around the last 12 months.

He threw up with Neocate Advanced (which I suspect was too rich for him).

In our case, he also needed more calories than Neocate LCP could provide.

In your case, Neocate LCP gives as many calories as full fat milk. I wouldn't worry too much. Give her Neocate LCP if that agrees with her. I think the main thing is to find something that works well as a dairy substitute. In all probability she's getting plenty enough calcium on LCP.

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