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disposable nappy allergy

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kbabbs · 24/04/2010 09:54

I've just been told by the doctor that my 11 month old son is allergic to something in disposable nappies as he has a very itchy raised rash on his bottom which has been gradually getting worse the more he is aware of it and therefore scratches.
Is anyone else in this situation and what have they done?
I have recently gone back to work full time and as we all know, that doesn't leave much time for anything else so the idea of using the eco fabric nappies which you have to wash fills me with dread!
I've being doing a little research on the net and came across a brand of nappies called Moltex which are much less chemically based than other nappies. Does anyone use them? And what do you think?
I would be very grateful for any feedback.
Thank you

OP posts:
louiseymum · 24/04/2010 13:23

I'm not sure where you're based but we have a company called environappies who do a laundrering service. its cost effective and they basically bring you a load of nappies every week and you just put them in a bin and they take them away!!!! brilliant!

greenbananas · 24/04/2010 18:26

Understandable that you dread re-usables but having just started with them I've been pleasantly surprised by how little hassle they actually are. I just shove them in an airtight bucket when they're done with and stick them all in the washing machine every few days (2 hour 60 degree cycle). If you've got a tumble dryer, drying them is not a problem.

We use the Kushies brand of re-usables which are all-in-one ready shaped things - no messing around with waterproof pants etc. They're a little bit bulkier to take out and about but even that is manageable.

Still worth having a few disposbales for emergencies - sorry I can't help with the Moltex question.

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