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Ok with formula but not with Cows milk?

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jasperc163 · 30/03/2010 17:53

Sorry this is also posted on Breast and Bottle page. DD2 was ebf til 5.5 months and mix fed til 10 months. Formula since then. No problems. I gave her some cows milk today (having put an ounce in a couple of formula bottles with no problem). She had about 3+ ounces and had major diarrhoea about an hour later.

DD1 had an obvious dairy intolerance til about 3 (was on Neocate) but there have been no signs of it with DD2 - she has yogurt, cheese, formula etc. Is it likely to be a case of simply having to introduce cows milk more slowly or does this indicate an ongoing (more medium term) problem?

The problem is that she is on the old version of Hipp Organic (I dont want to use the new one). I had stockpiled it to get to a year but obviously won't be able to keep her on it for long.

thanks alot

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UnseenAcademicalMum · 30/03/2010 19:12

A colleague of mine had a similar thing. It can happen because some proteins are removed from formula which are present in cows milk (otherwise cows milk has too many proteins in for young babies). In the case of the person I knew they just kept their dc on formula until they grew out of it.

jasperc163 · 30/03/2010 19:55

thanks alot - problem is that Hipp is no longer vegetarian and we are! So we are going to struggle if she can't drink cows milk for a year or 2.

Anyone had this problem and found it just needed more gradual introduction???? (she asks hopefully...)

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SingleMum01 · 30/03/2010 20:06

My DS (7) was fine with cows milk until about a year ago and has lactofree milk now. Cows milk gave him tummy pains, and the runs. All sorted now on green lactofree milk - don't know if that helps or if you can have it?

missmoopy · 30/03/2010 20:51

My dd (now 5) was on Hipp follow on milk for years. She was fine-ish with formula but cows milk is another matter.

She can now tolerate a little and can eat yoghurts, but for some reason cheese and margarine with milk/butterfat cause the squits!

Just spotted the bit about being vegetarian...are there any other veggie formulas?

jasperc163 · 31/03/2010 07:28

Hi there - not that i am aware of. Hence the panic! She is one this weekend, no major problem with carrying on with formula if that is necessary but impossible to carry on with Hipp Orgnic :-( Only other thing i can think if is to try lactofree (in case its that not the proteins) or goats. Otherwise I will have to just not give her milk and get enough dairy in via cheese, yogurts etc?

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missmoopy · 31/03/2010 14:47

My dd is fine with lactofree, so well worth a try! My dd doesn't have huge amount of dairy but doctor assures me even the fussiest child usually gets enough calcium from yoghurts etc.

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