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More Nutramigen help please

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shinybaubles · 17/03/2010 17:52

DS2 is 11 weeks tomorrow and was diagnosed with cows milk allergy at about 3 weeks, and since then has been having Nutramigen the first few days were difficult but after that he drank it ok. But in the last few days he doesn't want it and almost gags on it, I think he has developed taste buds and hates it understandably - the pediatrician I spoke to quickly today thinks he is to young to have taste buds and to just persevere - she even suggested putting a bit of sugar in .
Has anyone had a baby that drank it and then refused? What can I do to get it into him? Any ideas and or advice appreciated.

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missmoopy · 17/03/2010 18:02

My dd flat out refused it, but was 4 months old when it was introduced. To be honest, we stuck with normal formula and put up with the vomit as she would not accept anything else. Her allergy wasn't as bad as most i don't think and now tolerates some diary, but continues to have gastric reflux (5 years on). I don't understand why they cannot make diary replacements more palatable. I was also put off by the vast list of ingredients.

shinybaubles · 17/03/2010 19:46

Thanks but he has quite a severe allergy pooping blood etc, so normal formula is not an option.
I was thinking along the lines of flavouring his milk with vanilla extract or apple juice or something else - any ideas anyone else.

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missmoopy · 17/03/2010 19:56

Ah, not an option then Poor little thing.

hobnob57 · 17/03/2010 21:21

You could try asking for aptamil pepti instead? It's slightly less hypoallergenic (the cow's milk proteins are partially broken down instead of fully) but it tastes a wee bit better IMO. DD1 tolerated it, and she had blood in her stools too.

Good luck. I'm about to try 16wk DD2 with pepti tomorrow and dreading it!

BlossomsMum · 19/03/2010 09:46

I"m not sure whether anyone has mentioned it before but my daughter hated Nutramigen (and kept having really explosive toxic poos) so we moved onto Neocate LCP which was far less offensive tasting and smelling!

Cokie · 21/03/2010 21:23

Another Neocate fan here. Nutramigen is awful but cheaper than Neocate that is why some health professionals encourage you to carry on with it. If it really is bothering you firmly ask for Neocate LCP

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