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cant have cows milk-advice?

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mollymalloo · 20/07/2005 09:49

my 9 month old cant have cows milk as it flares up his eczema and is having goats milk formula having just stopped BF. health visitor useless at giving advice on anything outside of the norm and feel a bit in the dark about what he can have and how much calcium it gives him ie, is soya, sheep and goats milk and yogurt ok etc
any advice appreciated!

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geogteach · 20/07/2005 09:57

My 9 month old is similar but also causes constipation in him. He is lactose intolerant and therefore can't have goat or sheep either, we have a prescription formula called nutramagen (which is foul), I keep him off all forms of milk but it is limiting his diet somewhat and I am at a loss what to feed him for breakfast. My 2 year old has a similar problem and the dietician prescribed a calcium supplement for her.

mollymalloo · 20/07/2005 18:24

cheers for that, he has baby rice with a sprinkling of baby museli, a few ounces of his forula and banana for breakfast if that helps. was he tested for lactose intolerance or was it just obvious?

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charleepeters · 20/07/2005 18:26

geogteach! DS has Nutramagin its foul smelling stuff especially if it gets left out!!!!!!! But can i just add there a big hooha going o at them moment about giving little boys soya as it effects there fertility when older - its still up in the air but we dont give it to ds just in case.

matnanplus · 20/07/2005 19:24

I am looking after a baby, in a family with milk intolerance and this week we changed his formula to SMA LF[lactose free] and he is a much more settled baby, soya can have it's own drawbacks, nutramagen would be the next step, my last charge had apple juice on her cereal and loved it. you can buy calcium powder to add to their food.

You can get a lovely cheddar made from sheeps milk just like the 'real' thing called Etorki from deli counters, it's yum.

A pint of formula gives baby about 275mg of calcium.

Ask for a dietition referral from your GP.

Bloomsbury · 20/07/2005 20:46

My 9 month old also can't have cows milk or soya and is currently on a formula called Neocate (also foul smelling and apparently foul tasting - we were advised not to try it!) Because of this, and the limited foods we can give her, we've been given a Calcium supplement in syrup form called Calcium-Sandoz. Perhaps your HV can refer you to a dietician to help you get this sorted out?

mollymalloo · 21/07/2005 06:28

thanks everyone. we live in brighton and there seems to be this reluctance to refer / give prescription on formula except in the most extreme cases (poss due to high no of vegans?) after months of homeopathy and being careful his eczema has completely cleared (was on face arms and legs) so reluctant to provoke a flare up just to get referal/prescription. dilemma!!

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 21/07/2005 09:47

geogteach, when dd was on nutramigen we used to give her the Organix Banana Porridge Cereal for breakfast but instead of making it with the nutramigen (which in my mind makes everything taste foul) we used to make it with water. They have other cereals in that range as well.

mollymalloo, in your position with such a young baby, if your GP/health visitor won't refer you to a dietician, I would call up your local hospital, ask for your paediatric dietician and fund out if you can see her/him privately. I presume it's Nanny formula you're giving? I'm not sure what it contains but we were advised to stick to formula until dd was 2 (we were on nutramigen which contained everything she needed). Good luck

tatt · 21/07/2005 10:28

babies who can have goats milk can try live yoghurt as the bacteria it contains help to digest the lactose. Sheep or goats cheese may be OK too. In any case they may have a problem with cows milk protein rather than lactose. For babies who have more severe problems and can't take goats milk I'm told Pepti junior tastes better than neocate but isn't suitable for all babies - discuss with your doctor.

Lactose intolerance can be temporary after illness so it may be possible to reintroduce milk later. When trying that always start with live yoghurt or cheese as they cause fewer problems than milk itself. HTH

ruty · 21/07/2005 23:25

charleepeters i'm concerned because neocate has a lot of soya oil in it and worry about the fertility issue. My dietician dismissed the worry, but wonder if you know?

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