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Gluten-free, dairy-free, soya-free packed lunch ideas

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rubytwokids · 16/03/2010 01:10

DS starts school in September and he is largely dairy-free (he can have milk in things, e.g. trufree biscuit and the like, but that's about it). He's also pretty-much soya-free and totally gluten-free.

I'm used to doing dairy-free and soya-free lunches as DD has those two intolerances but the gluten as well...aargh!

Of course, I feed him at home but a lot of gluten-free stuff doesn't seem to travel well. He's quite finicky too.

Any ideas?

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girlsyearapart · 16/03/2010 08:17

gluten free breadsticks from sainsburys.
jelly pots- you'd obv have to freeze/cool bag.
rice cakes?

sorry we are the others but not gluten free so am just bumping for you really..

nellymoo · 16/03/2010 08:21

Gluten free pasta salads in a little tub? We do little picky snack-type lunch boxes. Little sausages etc. Could you get a thermos or one of these bento boxes here, which would mean you could send something hot?

ABetaDad · 16/03/2010 08:58

I am gluten and lactose tolerant and have never noticed GF/LF food being any more unstable than normal food.

I bake my own GF bread in a bread maker to make sandwiches. Bake my own GF cakes, flapjacks, buns, etc and keep them in the fridge/freezer. It is easy to get gluten free flour as you know. Alternatively I buy GF cakes/biscuits/muesli from Holland & Barret and are all shelf stable at room temperature if I am travelling away from home.

Fruit and salads are of course fine. Soya yoghurt does not taste great but if your DS is only intolerant to lactose he could have lactofree yoghurt which is available in many supermarkets.

We do packed lunches for DSs in an insulated sandwich box with an ice pack in the bottom so fresh things stay fresh all day.

ABetaDad · 16/03/2010 09:04

TYPO: I am gluten and lactose INtolerant ..

tatt · 16/03/2010 09:13

ABetaDad - how do you make the bread? I find mine is more crumbly than normal bread so in that sense it doesn't travel well.

You can buy genius bread in supermarkets - expensive and not as good as home made but travels better. I know guten free pitta bread has been recommended before but I haven't tried it personally. An advanced search of the allergy section would throw up where to buy it.

I sometimes have bean salad when out and about as that's filling.

Panasonic breadmaker makes much better gluten free bread than the morphy richards we used to have.

katiemum · 16/03/2010 09:21

My DH has the free from piitas from both Sainsburys and Tescos and they do travel well. We wet them slightly, toast them and then open them, add filling, close and wrap for later eating.

CMOTdibbler · 16/03/2010 09:51

I agree - the pitta breads (the LivWell ones are def gf/df/sf) make great sandwiches and travel very well. The Livwell english muffins make great sandwiches too.

I like Genius bread, and it does make good sandwiches, but it's pricey.

For variety, I keep Lifestyle gf pasties and sausage rolls in the freeze - they aren't df, but perhaps you could have a bulk cook of your own to freeze, then you can just take them out and put in his lunchbox - they defrost by lunchtime. Same with tiny quiches

I like new potatoes with chicken/roast beef/tuna mayo and some salad. Or same sort of thing with rice (I cook, rinse in cold water, put into sandwich bags straightaway, and freeze then can just take one out as I need)

ABetaDad · 16/03/2010 10:09

The GF bread I make is a bit dryer than normal bread but I do find the Genius Bread very crumbly so do not buy it now.

I have a Kenwood breadmaker. The recipe I use is my own slightly modified version of the GF bread programme recipe that came with the breadmaker:

500g of Doves Farm Gluten Free and Wheat Free plain flour*, 450ml water, 2 large eggs, 50ml suflower oil, 1 tsp cider vinegar, 25g sugar, 1 1/2 tsp of yeast, 1 tsp of salt and 2 tsp of Xanthan Gum. Bake on programme 9.

When cooked, leave the loaf to cool wrapped in a table napkin and then put in plastic bag in fridge.

To make it more interesting I put nuts, seeds, raisins in the mix sometimes.

*There is also some Doves farm GF bread mix flour with Xanthan gum in already (purple label) which I sometimes use but obviously I miss out the 2 tsp of Xanthan gum in the recipe.

tatt · 16/03/2010 12:28

Thanks for the recipe. Very timely as I picked up Doves plain flour by mistake (I normally get the bread flour). What timing is programme 9 please?

ABetaDad · 16/03/2010 14:06

The cycle is as follows:

Preheat 8 min
Mix/Knead 25 mins
Rise 48 mins (using yeast designed for breadmakers)
Bake 95 mins
Keep Warm/Brown 60 mins

tatt · 16/03/2010 20:31

thanks again, will have to have a think about that as my machine has different settings.

scamparoox2 · 19/03/2010 21:30

hummous with carrot, pepper and cucumber sticks always go down well with my little one.

NK595157f4X1277babf706 · 20/03/2010 13:08

Any suggestions for gluten, dairy, soya, egg etc free plus also yeast-free? If anyone has any bread recipes or anything I'd love to hear them. Rice cakes in lunchbox becoming a little bit boring, occasionally popcorn instead but really low on ideas.

rubytwokids · 21/03/2010 21:04

Thanks everyone! I'm going to print this out.(And then go to Lakeland for a Bento box - oooh! Want one! Want one!) I had not thought about mini sausages - great idea. Also ds loves hummous. His favourite bread is Dietary Specials sweet breakfast rolls but he will rarely eat sandwiches, so I guess I can send the bread and filling separate and he can choose whether or not to assemble! Thanks for the bread recipe, ABetadad. I will try that. Breadmaker is in near-constant use to supply mine and dd's dairy and soya-free bread, mind you.
CMOTdibbler, he'd probably be OK on the sausage rolls as he can tolerate dairy in small amounts.
All I have to do now is persuade him to eat fruit. (Temporary but long-lasting blip.) He will eat humzingers, Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches, fruit puree pots and strawberries. It's a texture thing, I think.

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