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Urgent: how do I help itchy 3 month old baby?

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StepfordWeeble · 09/03/2010 07:13

Last night my exclusively BF baby, who is 14 weeks old, broke out in hives over his chest and back. We've had a rough night of rubbing and itching and he's getting very distressed.

How can I help to relieve him? I have some hydrocortisone for his eczema - will that help? Obviously I can't give him Benadryl but is there an equivalent for babies of this age?

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Megletwantsittobesummer · 09/03/2010 07:25

When my ds was 6 months he came up in hives and the gp prescribed piriton. I'd take him to the gp if I were you, he might be able to prescribe something stronger (but safe).

The only thing I discovered that seems to stop itching is eurax cream but that's 3yrs and up so you can't use it on babies.

girlsyearapart · 09/03/2010 07:25

It sounds like an allergic reaction to something if it's hives- did you eat something different/wash his clothes in something else..

We were prescribed piriton from quite early on but you will have to see the doctor as over the counter is from age 1 at least.

We also found bathing dd in plain warm water then using something like diprobase on her to moisturise helped along with a change of clothes in case it was something on them that was making her worse.

Also did the socks over the hands to stop her scratching and lots of walks in the pram around the block -even in the middle of the night- as the cool air soothed her.

StepfordWeeble · 09/03/2010 12:53

Thanks, gals. DS has been practically naked all morning and I've put a ton of moisturiser on him and the redness has calmed down, but he is left with little bumps all over his chest, tummy and back which appear to flare back up at the slightest provocation. I imagine that it is still pretty itchy for him.

Does that still sound like an allergy?

DS has infant eczema on his face, and dry patches on his shoulders. Could it have suddenly spread? His skin doesn't feel particularly dry but little bumps tend to be a pointer that the skin on his face is about to flare up. Ugh, can't bear the thought that it might spread so widely.

The other possibility going through my mind is that this is a virus. He had a virus last week which according to his GP was either german measles or something like it. That wasn't bumpy or particularly itchy but I guess it might still be in his system.

Anyone else have any ideas?

OP posts:
DaftApeth · 09/03/2010 13:01

Ds gets a pin prick rash over him when he has had an allergic reaction.

It seems to work its way down his body as it goes out of his system.

I would see the gp just to check it and to see if he can have piriton.

You could try some oats in a sock/muslin and run under the bath water.

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