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Bouncy Castle Allergy....?

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mummywithoutaclue · 06/03/2010 20:58

Can anyone give me some advice - my 13 month dd appears to be allergic to BOUNCY CASTLES of all things!

She had her first experience yesterday and loved it but came up in an itchy hives rash, like white nettle rash on a red area, over her face, neck, back, stomach and even her legs which were covered up.

Is it Latex? Or something else? She's not allergic to anything else even ballons although dairy makes her a bit pukey - is there anything else she likely to have trouble with? Kiwi or something?

Not something I've heard about before but hopefully someone will have... thanks

OP posts:
BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny · 06/03/2010 21:03

um.... maybe they used something to clean it and she's allergic to that??????

thisisyesterday · 06/03/2010 21:06

i think it's unlikely to be the bouncy castle itself tbh.
could it have been a bad heat rash??
did she eat anything she doedn't normally have?
did she come into contact with anything else?

wb · 07/03/2010 20:01

My first guess would be latex allergy but it's odd if she is fine with other latex - it could be a new allergy I guess?

Belle's idea is a good one.

If it is latex allergy then don't give her kiwi as the two often (but not always) go together.

mummywithoutaclue · 12/03/2010 14:53

I think Belle's right, I only use the non-toxic method stuff so she's probably not used to it - tbh I don't clean that much anyway! Seems to be going now so thanks for your help x

OP posts:
chloesmumtoo · 15/03/2010 10:01

My dd has many allergies including the dustmite one. Many play areas make her itchy due to dust ect. Could be a possibility of her reacting to dusty surfaces. I know bouncy castles are outside but worth considering. My dd doesnt have a latex allergy but has the linking allergies to it which are kiwi, melon, bannana ect. Latex being a bad allergy to have, you could question your doctor, maybe you could have a few skin prick tests done to rule it out.

lottiejenkins · 15/03/2010 10:17

My son is allergic to the rubber on floats and things like that in swimming pools! He comes out in a rash!!

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