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Cross-contamination - what would you do?

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SkipToMyLou · 16/02/2010 15:20

DS had a reaction to a cereal bar he ate, long story short I emailed the manufacturer with my concerns and they have written back, and I quote "the recipe does not use any dairy ingredients, however, it is made on a line which also packs & makes butter flapjacks. There is a full clean down after each production & two different products are never made at the same time.".

Now, other products made by these people have a warning about being made on the same line as those containing milk. This one doesn't, and if it did I would never have given it to DS. So two questions really, am I justified in being cross with them and querying their labelling policy, and is there anyone else I can talk to for advice, or to get it tested to confirm cross-contamination (multipack, still have 2 left). And if I am right to be cross, what do I say that doesn't sound like 'you bastards, how dare you put my son's life at risk'. Because right now I don't think they get how serious it is, even though they are a well-known supplier of gluten-free products (hints but doesn't actually name names.)

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topiarygal · 16/02/2010 16:04

I might ask the food producer about what to do next. It's for them to be the most cautious here. I had a really good response from a German food producer. I took the approach of 'needing to find out what the allergen was - in case it was something new my son was reacting to - and underlining that I was not litigious, merely interested in understanding more about my child's condition. I fear the over labling (sp?)of foods, however, I wholly agree you need to find out what's happened. Could you ask them to check one of your remaining bars for you? I'm sorry this has happened. Good luck!

SkipToMyLou · 16/02/2010 16:34

Yes, that's pretty much what I said in my first email. I guess I'll send them another one that's a bit clearer in what I need from them. I'm aware I'm not thinking straight right now though, dealing with stuff like this always makes me angry!


OP posts:
topiarygal · 16/02/2010 20:04

i know it's really unfair - tough enough having an allergic child without having to deal with unaccountable stuff.

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