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Allergies and intolerances


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bridewolf · 09/02/2010 17:32

son had nasty reaction after eating some, still trying to work out if any cross contamination with product= incorrect labeling? etc

hosptial last night, and today on steriods and antihistamine, still suffering.

does anyone have any similar allergies?

OP posts:
taffetacat · 09/02/2010 17:48

Sorry to hear that OP.

How old is he? Both my DC had strange reactions when they were little to odd foods.

DS when he was nearly 2 had a swollen mouth, tongue and throat from a Tunnocks teacake.

DD when she was same age had giant rings on her torso which Doctor said was food allergy, apparently from a bought pizza.

With both, I scrutinised the labelling carefully and could come up with nothing. DS 4 years on still hasn't had another teacake but has all similar foods containing all the ingreds and is fine. DD I kept off oregano and garlic for 6 months but she is fine with both now.

Doctor said with both was probably a build up of stuff - not one particular thing.

Scary, much empathy.

bridewolf · 10/02/2010 08:22

son is nearly 14, and has a few allergies, this is new.

apparently its a legume, which i didnt know, he is allergic to some of those, beans/peanut.

really persistant after effects , on steriods and antihistamine, but symtoms coming back as it wears off.

so keeping close eye.

OP posts:
taffetacat · 10/02/2010 15:47

Licquorice is a legume? Blimey learn something new every day............

Good luck with it, hope he makes speedy recovery.

bridewolf · 14/02/2010 20:50

son is still regaining his strength after reaction on monday, looked much better yesterday.

we are avoiding liqourice and two other ingrediants , just to be careful, a colouring made from beetles, and cummin, which was in the listings.

will soon be skin prick tested using the packet i have, and the three other ingredients seperately.

the sweet only had a small amount of the real stuff in it, and his reaction was quite bad.
i am sure the liqourice is the problem.

its been a horrendous week, two 999 calls, amublance rides and time in the trama ward.

it could have been worse, its been enough to make us all feel shakey and worried.

we will feel much better when we know what to avoid for certain.

OP posts:
taffetacat · 14/02/2010 21:05

Goodness bridewolf sorry you've had such an awful week.

A colouring made from beetles?????

I knew sweets were made of disgusting gelatinous bits of animal, but bleurgh.

Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

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