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Allergies and intolerances

Anyone know anything about wheat allergy?

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rainbowinthesky · 14/01/2010 07:27

I am in my 30s and suffered on and off in my life with rhinitis and never been able to work out a trigger.

I think I may have now.

Last week I had tortillas for dinner and woke up the next day feeling shit with full rhinitis symptoms.

Last night I had a steak pie and have woken up feeling shit again.

It will pass over the course of the morning and an antihistamine tablet helps a lot.

I dont think it's gluten as I've never had any bowel problems and as it's in the family I have done a home test kit for coeliac which was fine.

WHat can I do next?

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BigBadMummy · 14/01/2010 07:42

Wheat intolerance (you wouldnt have an allergy or you would seriously know about it. Sorry to be pedantic but I get really peed off with my friends that suddenly have allergies and they are not!) is usually caused by gluten, not the wheat itself.

There isnt really a wheat intolerance as such.

And gluten is in all sorts of things, not just wheat. Gravy, sausages, cereals etc.

It is unlikely, from my experience that your rhinitis is caused by wheat. The symptoms are usually more "stomach related".

And the symptoms happen much more quickly.

I have a gluten intolerance so cut out all breads and pasta and when I eat them now I know about it within about an hour. So do most of the people standing down wind of me

Could it be something else? Candles for intstance? I have known people have rhinitis from candle or cigarette smoke.

Best thing is to keep a diary.

BirdyBedtime · 14/01/2010 10:31

I can sympathise rainbow as I suffer a very similar fate. Did you have wine with the meals? I find that certain wines (particularly those which are oaked) make me feel absolutely rubbish, even after one glass). I usually wake up in the middle of the night with a streaming nose that lasts until about the middle of the next day. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I alwasy check the bottle when I am buying, and tend to stay away from ones with sulphites too. It also happens, but not to anything like the same extent, if I have too much dairy. I grew up with allergic rhinitis and often wonder if my very dairy based diet contributed to it.

rainbowinthesky · 14/01/2010 17:00

Thanks for the responses. Both helpful. THere was a time I thought it could be wine but it does seem to be wheat.
It's handy to know it couldnt be an allergy too but possibly an intolerance.

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