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liz earle

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jenk1 · 03/07/2005 11:32

hello, i have just joined
my daughter of 15months has eczema,asthma,hayfever u name it, is on a strict elimination diet as well as myself as i am breastfeeding, just wondered if anyone has tried the liz earle range on eczema skin and if it works, she is on qvc at the moment and i remembered hearing her say a while ago that she has eczema and she also uses her creams on her children

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jenk1 · 05/07/2005 18:05

nobody ever used this stuff then?

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spykid · 05/07/2005 18:13

I have used her products for years, and they are wonderful.
My auntie uses them and she ssuffers with psoriosis and has trouble finding gentle enough products. HTH

noddyholder · 05/07/2005 18:24

I use them but i don't have any particular skin problems apart from sensitivity They are fantastic and make a real difference to my skin

tamum · 05/07/2005 18:28

I quite often use them and they are fab, but again I don't have eczema, so can't comment. Have you tried her website ?

tamum · 05/07/2005 18:29

Aha, just looked and she has an eczema factsheet .

spykid · 05/07/2005 18:29

I order from her website not qvc. postage is much cheaper

cupcakes · 05/07/2005 18:32

I've recently started using and am very pleased. Good value for money plus come nicely gift wrapped!

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