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Allergies and intolerances

Can anyone recommend a good 'Harley Street' type private allergy specialist please!

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soapbox · 29/06/2005 16:05

I'm getting fed up with DS's constant contact allergy, which is leaving him with scarring round his mouth.

Will get a referral to a specialist from GP, but need to know who to see.

Anyone got any ideas?????

OP posts:
lemonice · 29/06/2005 16:23

This man seems to be a very well qualified paedriatric allergy specialist Dr Gideon Lack St Mary's Hospital you could look at some of these searches

soapbox · 29/06/2005 19:27

Thank-you so much Lemonice - I'll look into it

OP posts:
ChicPea · 29/06/2005 19:53

Do you need a peadiatric dermatologist by any chance? Haven't followed other posts of yours, if there have been any, so don't really know what the problem is.

tatt · 01/07/2005 06:22

the Surrey Allergy Clinic are worth considering. Their website suggests they are well informed but I don't have personal experience. You could ask the anaphylaxis campaign staff if they know anyone. I'd see an allergist before a paediatric dermatologist if you think its an allergy problem.

soapbox · 01/07/2005 11:30

ChickPea and Tatt thank you for your replies.

TBH I'm not sure what I need

I think maybe a visit to the GP first to find what they recommend then make my decision as to where to take him.

He has had dairy/egg allergy since being a baby and had severe glue ear/speech problems etc which resulted from this.

Over the past year he has had incresingly bad contact allergy round his lips which often blisters and scabs open, before clearing.

I think the skin issue is just another symptom of the more general allergy situation so feel that some proper allergy testing is required before taking it further.

Thanks for your help! I'll keep you posted!

OP posts:
KBear · 01/07/2005 11:39

soapbox - my DS saw a specialist at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Woolwich (am I right in thinking you are in SE London)? He had terrible skin as a baby, with the sores and blisters you describe around his mouth that cracked when he smiled at me .

I am happy to report that he is now exzema-free as I discovered he is allergic to bananas. Two weeks after stopping him eating them is face healed and his exzema disappeared.

Try it and I hope it works for you but if not, the people at QE were excellent.

Good luck

ChicPea · 04/07/2005 11:31

Soapbox, my DS had severe exzema and my Ob referred me to Proff John Harper (saw privately at the Portland but he works at Great Ormond St). I can only say he was fantastic and very very helpful but the downside is that the waiting list to see him is 3-4 months. My son very quickly became exzema free and of course I am so relieved. I did post the programme he set me on the allergies thread if you are interested in looking.
I mentioned to him that when I gave fish to DS then his mouth became red and he rubbed his eyes with a fishy hand and that became red as well. He told me not to even consider giving fish until he was about 18mths and to then try with trepidation. He also recommended putting fish and egg (he is allergic to egg too) on his skin (arm) counting for 10 seconds and then rubbing off and seeing if it goes red. If it does, he is allergic. He said I might as well do this myself rather than pay somebody £150 to do it which is what an allergist would do. YOu may wish to try this yourself with suspicious foods.
I did do this with egg and it went red. I have offered things with egg in (brioche, fairy cake) and DS rejects it after smelling it (he is 20mths now) and it's like he picks up the smell of egg and knowing it will be a problem, rejects it.

KBear posted something interesting which I have read before. Bananas are such a simple food, you wouldn't think they could have such an effect but its good to know that they do.

Good luck

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