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School requested cereal bar - crisps good substitute?

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wangle99 · 16/12/2009 21:22

DS is going to the theatre tomorrow to see panto school have requested they take a cereal bar and a piece of fruit.

DS is treated as coeliac and is therefore gf and wheat free. Letter specifically said no chocolate so I was thinking of sending in a packet of crisps (ready salted).

Do you think that is a good substitute? He will have fruit as well. I appreciate the school is a 'healthy school' but I can't think of anything else more suitable for him but likewise don't want him to remove the crisps from him and not let him have them!

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CMOTdibbler · 16/12/2009 21:24

I don't think the crisps are a good substitute. Do you have any plainish biscuits he could take ?

I buy the Eat Natural gf cereal bars, and they are really nice, so worth a look at for the future

traceytrainer · 16/12/2009 21:28

What sort of school would take a packet of crisps off a young child? Shame! However, crisps might not fill him up very well. How about 2 pieces of fruit - banana (filling) to replace the cereal bar and another, juicier fruit.

Hope he loves the panto!

MsHighwater · 16/12/2009 21:32

I think you should send a snack with your child that you know he likes and can eat, bearing his specific needs in mind. I think it's unacceptable for the school to dictate what you can give your child to eat especially when they can't even manage to allow for a relatively common food "issue", like coeliac.

Speak to the teacher beforehand, if you're worried they would take the crisps away from him.

wangle99 · 16/12/2009 21:55

I do have plain biscuits, can't believe I didn't think of that before - doh. Was staring into the larder looking for inspiration and only thought of crisps!

I will look into the gf eat natural bars I haven't seen them before but will check them out for future situations.

Will see if I can get a banana in the morning (have run out at moment) and then the school can choose what he has. I'm more concerned about all these children eating cereal bars with crumbs flying everywhere arghghgh

I'm not sure they would actually remove the crisps or not but I don't want to take the risk, the school is very hot on it's healthyness which is great but its just not appropriate sometimes.

Thank you!

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