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Milk free? Contains Milk - Confused by Hipp Organic

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Worrier28 · 20/11/2009 09:55

Morning all

I am a bit dumb, the Hipp Organic breakfast cereals are confusing me, they say they are milk free? Then it will say something like 48% organic whole milk and have a little box that says contains milk? I am trying to avoid cows milk in baby food as much as possible. Thanks

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SnoozyVic · 20/11/2009 23:53

I've actually emailed them with a question about dairy in their 4-6month products, as I thought cows milk products were to be avoided completely until after 6 months. They said something about it being ok to have it in small quantities in foods but not as a main drink until 12 months. Like you I've been avoiding it and now use a little in cooking at 6+months. Anyhow, the Hipp site allows you to search their products using the Special Diets tab here. Hope this helps

Worrier28 · 21/11/2009 12:54

Thanks I think I will try the Organix range.

OP posts:
SnoozyVic · 21/11/2009 19:23

I use Organix now. They're much more straightforward with their ingredients.

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