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Allergies and intolerances

Can you please suggest dairy free meals for breastfeeding mum.

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LittleMissBliss · 17/11/2009 22:12

Please can you help by suggesting meal ideas. A friend of mine has a poorly DS and they now expect his reflux is down to a dairy allergy as the medicines don't seem to be helping.

She's a little stumped on meal ideas. She doesn't eat meat but does eat fish.

Any suggestions and recommendations on dairy free foods would be lovely!

I will print this off and give it to her tomorrow when i see her.
Thank you lovely mntrs!

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PerArduaAdNauseum · 17/11/2009 22:14

I already posted this link tonight - tis very good recipes including proper treat food. HTH

LittleMissBliss · 17/11/2009 22:21

Thank you!

Also would be helpful if suggestions of foods with hidden dairy in them to avoid.

My ds1 has a dairy intolerance so we just avoid the obvious things milk, cheese, butter.
But he is fine if he has dairy cooked in foods, e.g biscuits. Or a small amount of chocolate. I had a full blown dairy allergy as a child and even the smallest amount would cause me to have a reaction.

It was such a long time ago that i can't really remember what meals i used to eat. More the things i avoided.

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PerArduaAdNauseum · 17/11/2009 22:32

Hidden dairy and wheat in pretty much everything these days - I'm trying to avoid wheat and was to find wheat fibre in cream cheese. Which is no help to you

Best thing really is preparing as much as poss from scratch, including breads. And reading packets on things like ryvitas for quick hits. Casein is a milk protein iirc, which sometimes gets used. And going to the 'yellow' aisle in Sainsburys, as they seem to have the largest of the 'free-from' ranges.

LittleMissBliss · 18/11/2009 09:31


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trixymalixy · 20/11/2009 22:31

lentil bolognaise
fish pie with white sauce made wih oatly milk
honey salmon with noodles or mash
butternut squash risotto

pointydogg · 20/11/2009 22:41

a vegetable korma using coconut milk as the base for the sauce

trixymalixy · 21/11/2009 01:00

veggie moussaka using oatly for the white sauce
veggie lasagne using oatly for the white sauce.

UnseenAcademicalMum · 27/11/2009 22:40

I am veggie and went dairy free for 7 months whilst bf ds2 (after we discovered his dairy allergy). I just made most of the same foods I normally made but using milk substitutes where necessary.

The pure spread website has a really nice recipe section for some ideas though

jennifersofia · 27/11/2009 22:47

chili (can easily make without meat) topped with chopped fresh coriander with broken toasted taco shells to dip

fried polenta with a tomato sauce

spanish omelette

ratatouille and rice

sauteed butternut squash and red pepper (with onions and garlic, natch) in puff pastry

soups and good bread - leek and potato, minestrone, miso noodle etc.

MarsLady · 27/11/2009 22:49

HoochieMomma or whatever she was called at the time has a whole load of dairy and soya free recipes. I'll point her in this direction because I'm sure she had loads of threads on the subject.

MamanCochon · 27/11/2009 22:55

i agree with perardua, best to make things from scratch. It seems hard at first but if she's going to stick with a dairy-free diet it will get hugely expensive buying special 'free from' food all the time. Get a breadmaker to make your own bread - loads of baked goods have butter or skimmed milk powder in them. Make simple 'meat and two veg' meals or vegan meals. Avoid people who say they make 'really good scrambled eggs' or 'really special mashed potato' etc. as it will almost invariably have butter, cream or milk added. Most packaged soups have milk or cream in them too. Often pre-cooked meat like ham or chicken will have milk in it to improve the texture.

On food labels, look out for whey or casein in addition to the usual butter, milk, cheese, skimmed milk, yoghurt, cream, chocolate.

Rice milk with added calcium, oat milk and coconut milk are very useful.

I have a Word document with ideas for dairy free, soya free meals which I can e-mail if you like. Ds1 had an intolerance to cow's milk and soya, and I also avoided them both when breastfeeding ds2 who had severe reflux, and for the first 6 months or so of breastfeeding ds3. Children with a sensitivity to milk often develop a sensitivity to soya as well so i am now very wary of using soya-based dairy substitutes.

LittleMissBliss · 29/11/2009 17:32

Thank you for all your replies. I have e-mailed MC.

I will pass on all your ideas. Thank you again.

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