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shampoo for eczema sufferer

18 replies

happyharry · 17/11/2009 21:46

Can anyone recommend a good shampoo for my dd who has eczema. Thak you.

OP posts:
brimfull · 17/11/2009 21:48

ds uses green people organic lavender one

he doesn't have eczema on his head though just his body

bonkerz · 17/11/2009 21:49

i have psoriosis and use loreal elvive intensive with actuve selenium.....

i also use something called SELSUN and it has selenium in it too!

brimfull · 17/11/2009 21:49

like this but just shampoo

nigglewiggle · 17/11/2009 21:50

I've had real problems with DD2 who has eczema and it seems to really affect her hair. I occasionally slather her in Aveeno cream which helps, but doesn't look very attractive. A pharmacist recently suggested trying Dentinox and two shampoos in, it seems to be working. Her scalp is normally covered in cuts and scratches and it is now just a bit dry and flaky. Will keep you posted.

feedthegoat · 17/11/2009 21:55

I started using this on ds when his eczema started on his scalp. I also stopped washing his hair as often and this seemed to work for him.

happyharry · 17/11/2009 22:04

Thank you everyone.

OP posts:
JanJanJanJan · 17/11/2009 22:12

What about Johnsons baby shampoo, I'm 42 and still use it along with others.

Bilbomum · 18/11/2009 10:37

We had always used an awful coal tar one that the hospital prescribed for us. However it didn't seem to work and smelt vile so I started using Dead Sea Magic shampoo and also their scalp mud instead of conditioner. It seems great, he's had no reactions to it and his scalp is much less flaky and dry. It is expensive though so I don't wash his hair very often...!

happyharry · 18/11/2009 14:38

I must admit I don't wash her hair often either. Her scalp is actually not too bad. However, as we wash hair in bath the shampoo comes into contact with her skin. I will have to go shopping.

OP posts:
MadameDefarge · 18/11/2009 14:49

I use polytar shampoo on me and ds, and its on prescription. Its not the nicest smell, but it is very medicinal.

littleweed10 · 19/11/2009 11:32

I am reading up a bit on the use of detergents being harsh on eczema babies' skin. I've heard good things about the baby weleda range - any good experiences MN-ers?

fairydust · 19/11/2009 11:40

dd suffers with sever eczema and i accidently used ds boots top to toe wash on her hair and she had no probelms with it all so we've been using that recently.

alypaly · 25/11/2009 10:53

oilatum shampoo is brilliant and you can get it on prescription too. It also smells ok too.I used to sell it when i worked for the pharmaceutical company. Polytar is normally used for psoriasis as tar is for plaques and it can be a bit harsh for eczema

meep · 26/11/2009 09:44

no no no to Johnsons!!! ALL their products - even the sensitive wipes - have made both dd and me come out in horrid itchy bits!

I have been using the halo & horns range on dd1 with no adverse reactions.

I think you can get a shampoo in teh Aveeno range but only online - I will try to find a link........

meep · 26/11/2009 09:47

baby aveeeno

aveeno haircare

halos n horns - can buy in Asda

nigglewiggle · 26/11/2009 10:24

Thanks, I didn't realise Aveeno did shampoo. I might give it a try, mind you - the Dentinox seems to have really helped.

FiveBells · 27/11/2009 07:17

We use T-Gel. Don't know if available in UK. It's made by Neutrogena. Was recommended by pediatric dermatologist.

Maggie198 · 27/11/2009 19:50

I would go with Dentinox - this worked for my son who had cradle cap and then Ezcema. I also found a cheaper one at Boots called Infaderm - from memory I think Infaderm do a shampoo and body wash which were both okay.

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