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Allergies and intolerances

Well DS's care plan was put to good use today!

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wangle99 · 16/10/2009 20:47

Remember the school that kept contaminating DS? I drew up the care plan and the school said it had been shown to relevant care givers.

Today get a call from the school that DS is in a lot of stomach pain, I arranged for MIL to go and get him. Presumed MIL had got him, next I get a call from DD saying 'I think you better come the paramedics have been called'.

We don't know what caused the pain but DS was screaming by the time I got to the school One of the paramedics was reading through the care plan I am so glad I did it all for them.

DS had a trip to hospital in the ambulance, threw up over the hospital corridor (we think he was travel sick rather than sick through the pain) and then he seemed to perk up. 20 mins later DS is trying to work out how he can pinch the toys from the hospital 'as I don't have these at home mummy' (I hasten to add he didn't! lol).

I had to laugh though - the doctor asked DS whether he'd been for a poo today so DS who's used to describing his bowel movements to me gave her a glowing report of what his poo looked like lol!!

Again they are questioning coeliac but he's still testing negative so who knows. I am just so chuffed my care plan was put to good use! One thing I am sure of after today's episode I doubt the school will let one iota of wheat/gluten near DS through fear of it happening again

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cat64 · 16/10/2009 21:13

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Sheilsie · 16/10/2009 21:14

Wow, good story! Glad that your DS made a quick recovery and hope you get to the bottom of what caused it.

Out of interest, what do you put in a care plan? At the moment I've given my DD's nursery a list of food she can & can't eat (and they're not shy to give antihistames) but I'm wondering whether I should do more. They've been extra careful since day #2 when they gave DD a breakfast cereal containing cows milk (this was before my list, but I had told them!) and she threw up all over them.

foxinsocks · 16/10/2009 21:14

wow, well done for doing one wangle (the care plan). What a fright you must have got!

wangle99 · 16/10/2009 21:22

Sheilsie... below is what I drew up. It covers the information we need. Please feel free to copy it or bits of it!

Care Plan

Date of birth:

B suffers from an intolerance to wheat and gluten. Currently paediatrics at T hospital are unsure what causes this, celiac disease is currently ruled out due to continual testing negative. However, B has a digestive and behavioural reaction when having eaten foods containing wheat or gluten. Wheat/gluten is not absorbed through the skin and we do not think flour dust breathed in causes a probably, however, B sucks his thumb which mean anything he can touch he risks ingesting.

Symptoms when contaminated:
Diarrhoea (quite often not making it to the toilet), stomach cramps, lethary and tearfulness. B?s behaviour is also affected with him becoming unable to sit still and generally being disruptive.

Wheat and Gluten:
Wheat is obviously an ingredient within its own right, it can be sometimes called by other names. However, gluten can be found in many things, this is a rough list (please see attached lists) barley, bulgar wheat, cous cous, durum wheat, einkorn, emmer, kamut, pearl barley, rye, semolina, spelt, triticale, wheat. Please bear in mind pasta will be made from the above ingredients. Most breads, biscuits and cakes will all contain wheat and gluten. Any food in breadcrumbs or batter, sausage (filler is usually wheat based), pizza bases and most cereals. Wheat is added as a filler to lots of foods.

Care Plan ? Page 2 of 2).

Within the classroom:
School made playdough will have wheat in it (unless made with wheat/gluten free flour). Pasta pictures/pasta play. Baking within class ? unless made with wheat/gluten free flour please do not let B bring food home that he has baked (he cannot resist and will eat it on the bus). Food tasting or feeling textures etc Some glues and paints contain gluten.

To minimise the risk:
Encourage B to wash his hands immediately after touching anything that may have wheat/gluten in. He knows he is not allowed wheat/gluten and will not have a problem doing this. If he is about to start a task involving wheat/gluten remind him not to suck his thumb (this is an automatic reaction but if reminded he is generally very good). If hand washing facilities are not available, unless he can wear gloves he must not take part in the activity.
If there is a party ie the mad hatter tea party and I am not aware and have not provided food a) inform B he is to not eat anything and why he can?t eat it and if this is too much of a problem b) call me and I will come and collect him from school.
Unless you are sure food has been prepared without contamination (ie not the same chopping boards, knives etc as wheat bread) he must not eat it.
If you have any concerns
Please telephone me, S , his mother. The school holds my contact numbers.

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Sheilsie · 16/10/2009 21:40


tatt · 17/10/2009 09:15

Have they testsed his IgA levels? I assume he's only having blood etsts for coeliac and they can be falsely negative if IgA is low.

wangle99 · 17/10/2009 15:24

Yes IgA levels were tested as well. Everything has been tested I think lol

DS is absolutely fine today - absolutely nothing wrong with him. However, he hasn't been for a poo which can also be indicative that he has been contaminated. Hmmm

OP posts:
tatt · 17/10/2009 19:07

have they done colonoscopy? If not I guess that's the next step. You want a doctor to say "treat as coeliac" so you can show that to the school.

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