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Allergies and intolerances

Constipation and Allergies

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BlueBumedFly · 08/09/2009 20:42

DD3 is 2.4 and suffering from constipation at the moment and I am desperately trying to fathom a way around it.

She is potty trained but is very distressed pooing at the moment due to the constipation but I think she is also holding back and putting if off through fear so this is obviously not helping.

She is intolerant to really wheaty things like pasta and weatabix - it gives her eczema although this has been much better recently. She is a very small eater, does not like potatoes in any form, eats v little rice so has minimal carbs. What she does eat is healthy, all meats, veggies, fruit etc. but no dairy other than milk... of which she drinks gallons. As she has no other dairy I am disinclined to stop the milk as she needs the calcium etc. She was previously sick on eggs but RAST showed noting, ditto wheat. She has a nut allergy test in a month as her half-sister is allergic.

Sooooooo, help. please.

She eats fruit every day, I give apple juice, she is not a child to eat for the sake of it and picks her food extremely carefully, won't eat unless really hungry so trying to get her to eat prunes etc would be a non event from the go-get.

Any ideas please? She is at nursery 3 days a week and then told me she was very distressed today about the loo

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pinkthechaffinch · 08/09/2009 20:47

How about some diluted prune juice?

Or some ripe pears and live yoghurt for breakfast.

I'd talk to your GP and see what he/she says, I'll bet he/she recommends some lactulose (very gentle and syrupy-my ds didn't mind it at all).


pinkthechaffinch · 08/09/2009 20:48

Also, maybe hold off on the potty training until the constipation is sorted out.

BlueBumedFly · 08/09/2009 21:00

Thanks Pink, I might try the diluted prune juice as she likes all types of fruit juice. Also likes pears but does not 'do' breakfast if you see what I mean, a real bird type eater.

I have some lactulose in the house but was trying to avoid it but maybe I could try it to get over this patch then add in the juices etc?

With regard to potty training I must have beenthe least interested mother EVER! She trained herself, I was not involved hardly at all. One day she just said no more nappies and she was done. I do offer a nappy if she gets very distressed about pooing but she says no as she is a 'big girl'. Girls eh? So independent!!

Many thanks for taking the time to post, much appreciated x

OP posts:
pinkthechaffinch · 09/09/2009 07:21

Bless her!
My ds sounds very similar at that age-hardly ate or drank anyhthing except fruit or veg,used to come and show me 'maltesers' in his potty! [boak].

Good luck anyway

daysem · 05/10/2011 20:06


Our DD has been suffering from constipation since she is six months. We have tried all natural remedies (lots of water, prune juice, lots of fiber, orange juice, activia etc.) have been very careful with her diet and been to the GP almost 20 times. Finally our GP has prescribed movicol, a mild laxative (which worked for the first month) which does not seem to be working any more and our DD has not passed any stools for the last three days.

We are very concerned as this seems like chronic constipation, and we have lost faith in GP's in this county.

Can anyone recommend a good private paediatrician in London (preferably SW)?

Many thanks.

saffrone · 05/10/2011 21:50

Also in SW London; have a DD with same problems from age 6 months ie weaning. Tried same remedies, also lactulose and senna and califig on prescription - nothing worked. We didn't get onto movicol till we saw paediatric constipation consultant at Kingston Hospital.
This sounds like it has been going on sometime, and your DD may simply need more movicol if she has grown significantly since she started on it.
I don't know of any private specialists - tore my hair out looking at the time - but can recommend the PACE clinic at Kingston (Paediatric Constipation Clinic) who are specialists.

carynh · 28/02/2012 11:51

My daughter (now 8 months old) has been constipated since she was born. I don't mean mildly either - they are tiny hard pebbles & she screams each time she poo's (about once every week to 2 weeks). We've tried orange juice, prunes, prune juice, apple juice, pear juice, Lactulose, Movicol, Linseeds, etc & nothing seems to help her.
She's on Neocate as has a cow's milk protein intolerance & she's started solids.
I give her prunes/pears for breakfast, chicken & green veggies for lunch then either fish or chicken & veggies for dinner. She eats well but is uncomfortable most of the time.
Docs are useless & just keep prescribing Lactulose. Has anyone got anything else I can try?

numbertaker · 02/03/2012 21:55

My son was stool withholding, and going up to 6 days (he was still in nappies). Went to see the HV and she gave us a book called 'poo goes home to poo land'. We had to read it everyday for 2 weeks, even if the DC did not like it, well we read it for 3 months in total. In that time the poo holding reduced, and he toilet traind himself in a week, dry at night.

Reccomend it if its just poop withholding.

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