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Allergies and intolerances

What's the verdict on Soya milk and breastfeeding?

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Frangipani74 · 02/09/2009 22:01

I have 9mo twins, intolerant to dairy and sweet potato (that's what I've worked out so far) one is still sick quite often so I've experimented with cutting out all sorts of things.
I gave them some dairy free chocolate stuff a couple of times recently - both were soya based and both babies were quite sick within a couple of hours.
I'm still breastfeeding them and have cut out dairy from my diet as this gives them rashes and makes them a bit sick. I've been drinking quite a lot of soya milk as I thought this didn't affect my milk, but am wondering if this might be what is causing one of my girls to be sick so often (usually about 3 times a day, but not usually large amounts).
Have any other breastfeeding mums found soya milk in their diets causes a problem for their bubbies?
(I hoping you all say no, soya is the only dairy free milk I like!!)

OP posts:
sorky · 02/09/2009 22:07

My 6mo is dairy intolerant I'm pretty sure (same symptoms as you describe).
I have been dairy free for 15 years until my last 2 pg's, both children are dairy intolerant, 2yo cannot have even small amounts of cheese or a petit filous without being affected. 6mo can't have anything with dairy in without vomitting and rash.

Soya does not affect either of them. I'm not entirely dairy free and I definitely notice the difference if I've had cream, on the baby when she's fed.

MrsSantoslovestheBBC · 02/09/2009 22:10

Soya is a common culprit so it may be worth rethinking. Have you tried rice milk? We've all got used to it now - we don't have any health issues with dairy - just none of us actually likes even the smell of cows' milk. It's a bit sweet so not good for sauces. Have you asked for the twins to be referred to an allergy clinic. Your GP (or even HV) should be able to help.

MrsSantoslovestheBBC · 02/09/2009 22:10

should be not good for savoury sauces etc

trixymalixy · 02/09/2009 22:13

DS reacted to soya in my breastmilk.

Oatly is much much nicer than soya milk.

AcademicMum · 06/09/2009 22:42

Soya allergy is quite common in dairy allergic babies, so it is possible that this is causing the problem. I found my milk supply seemed lower when I was having lots of soya (I have a theory that this could have been due to the phyto-oestrogens in the soya, but I have no scientific references to back this up), so I switched to oatly for cooking and tea and rice milk for cereals or drinking as is. Oatly also do a cream which is quite good as well.

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