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Can a persistent cough mean hayfever or allergy?

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Earlybird · 31/05/2005 08:28

Poor dd developed a chesty/phlegmy cough about 2 weeks ago. She doesn't have a cold, and her eyes don't itch. She simply has periodic coughing fits.

I've been dosing her with Tixylix, but it doesn't seem to do much. Could this be hayfever or an allergy to something else? It's now gone on so long without getting worse or better, that I'm wondering if a visit to the doctor is in order. Before I do that though, wondered if the wise mumsnetters might have opinions or suggestions....thx in advance....

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Toothache · 31/05/2005 08:40

Earlybird - My brother has had this for a while. He went to the GP who diagnosed the symptoms as mildly asthmatic. He was given a Salbutamol inhaler. It can be a sign of an allergy as it's a constant build up of mucus irritating her throat. I get a really tickly dry throat with my Hay Fever (not phlegmy though).

How old is she?

It could equally just be a virus that is dragging on a bit.

Toothache · 31/05/2005 08:41

Incidentally I just want to let you know that my Brother has never really used the inhaler and he's had it now for a couple of years.... I don't want you to panic that your dd is asthmatic!

TracyK · 31/05/2005 08:41

ds has had a cough on and off since Xmas really. I think he prob picks it up from nursery. Does your dd go to nursery?

Earlybird · 31/05/2005 08:51

DD is 4 and goes to nursery. There has been a tummy bug making the rounds there (which thankfully we've avoided), but others don't seem to have this cough. It's a bit of a mystery as it seems to have come out of nowhere and isn't clearing up.

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Mosschops30 · 31/05/2005 09:49

Message withdrawn

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