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Allergies and intolerances

Allergy Test?

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ShinySarah · 15/08/2009 19:15

My lo is 10 months and he's allergic to lots...wheat, gluten, fish, onions, mixed herbs etc...Anyhow, his allergy list appears to be growing by the weeks. Any advice?

OP posts:
wb · 16/08/2009 10:03

Take him to a pediatric allergy specialist (if you have not already done so). They will be able to confirm his allergies, monitor them and support you both.

ShinySarah · 16/08/2009 10:13

Thanks wb...I took him to the doctors who very reluctantly has said he'll refer him to a baby specialist hospital but told me that they would NOT confirm his allergies, he was most unhelpful and told me to keep trying the foods!!!!

OP posts:
wb · 16/08/2009 19:33

My sympathies - it is very hard especially when they are so young, esp as an allergy to one thing can throw out all sorts of misleading reactions. I suggest you keep a food diary and take weaning v. slowly - introduce 1 new thing at a time.

To recap though - if you think he has allergies then you need a pediatric allergy specialist (or failing that an allergy specialist) not just a pediatrician, or a dietitian (though these can be useful once you have diagnoses). Good luck.

tatt · 17/08/2009 08:43

sometimes people say their children ar "allergic" to foods when they are having symptoms other than those caused by allergy. How does your lo react to problem foods?

If you are in Britain and outside London seeing any sort of allergy specialist would be hard and you may have to accept a paediatrician.

Introduce one new food at a time and keep a detailed food diary. Some food allergies are outgrown so they may not have these problems for life.

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