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Allergies and intolerances

Could DS have dairy intolerance but be ok with breast milk from dairy eating mum?

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Notquitedelia · 24/07/2009 21:56

I ask because since weaning he's been getting blotchy sore skin patches behind knees, elbows, etc which then spread up arms and legs and think it might be linked to dairy. Totally did not expect him to have any allergies as none in my side of family and didn't think DH had any (but turns out he had really bad hayfever as child) - so anyway weaned him in a haphazard BLW way and it seems something is making him react. It took me a couple of months to realise it might be something in his diet and since then have tried going dairy free - it cleared up, and then reintroducing a bit of milk on cereal (it was back mildly within a few hours) cheese (it came back badly including on cheeks). However, he didn't have any probs at all when I was just breastfeeding him even though I was eating normal amounts of dairy. Is this possible or am I just imagining something that's not there and missing some other obvious cause. Anyone got any idea what's going on, am in a bit of a muddle about this?

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thisisyesterday · 24/07/2009 21:58

yes, it is possible

AcademicMum · 24/07/2009 22:01

I would agree it is possible. My ds2 had no symptoms of dairy allergy,other than eczema until after his first direct contact with dairy. After that however he did also react to dairy in my diet and it was necessary for me to go dairy free. Is he still breastfeeding?

Notquitedelia · 24/07/2009 22:11

Yes he is AcademicMum - although since I've been avoiding giving him dairy things I've been eating a lot less too. Still been having milk in tea and coffee though.
Anything else I should look out for? What happened with yours?

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AcademicMum · 24/07/2009 22:24

Mine was a pretty unambiguous case. He was exclusively breastfeeding without any problems apart from bad eczema. I have quite a bit of dairy in my diet as I'm veggie and ds1 has a nut allergy and bean intolerance. We then first tried to introduce formula at around 4 months as I wanted to wean him onto bottles, but he only took about half an oz, then he screamed and screamed. After that he stopped gaining weight, started getting blood in his nappies, very smelly explosive nappies, existing eczema became worse - I later learned that these are all typical symptoms of children with dairy allergy. Anyway, we didn't try formula with him again but after a couple of months we tried him with yoghurt and he went into anaphylactic shock. All his symptoms improved once I cut dairy out of my diet and he is fine now (at 14 months) but of course dairy free.

CarriePooter · 24/07/2009 23:18

My ds has very mild eczema but no other symptoms of allergy. Blood tests for something else have shown he may have a dairy allergy. He is exclusively breastfed so no direct contact with dairy yet. I am dairy free atm until his test results are back. I am having oat milk in coffee which is not too bad.

trixymalixy · 25/07/2009 00:53

Yes it is possible. My DS reacted to the dairy i was eating, but he is very allergic to dairy, he was even allergic to the supposedly hypoallergenic formula Nutramigen.

A friend's baby who turned out to be allergic to dairy but not as allergic as my DS, didn't react to the dairy in her breastmilk though.

Notquitedelia · 25/07/2009 16:47

Thanks all, this has all been a bit of a surprise to me and I don't really know very much about intolerances and allergies. He's certainly not reacted in such a dramatic way as yours AcademicMum and I'm embarrassed to think how long it's taken me to put 2 and 2 together. Guess it's time to search the archives.... Anyone got any good links to hand?

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Notquitedelia · 25/07/2009 16:50

Sorry I didn't really say what I meant there but I've got so many questions about what I can feed him on now, what about formula, whether he'll grow out of it, what other symptoms to look out for etc. I'm sure it must have been done before!

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