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allergic to tomato from breast milk?

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JanandDan · 21/05/2005 21:28


I suspected for a while that my ds seemed to have a sore spotty bum the day after i had eaten tomatoes, and ive tested it out by not having any for a while then trying again - spotty bum comes back. Is this really possible just from breast milk? I am weaning him at the moment but am scared to give him any tomato directly.
Foodwise he has loved everything, but it seems that butternut squash does the same thing to his bottom - are butternut squash and tomato related?!

OP posts:
misdee · 21/05/2005 21:50

rub a bit of tomoato on the inside of his arm, and look for a skin reaction.

bobbybob · 21/05/2005 22:07

Don't give tomato until the natural tomato season after his first birthday.

And then introduce it in a processed or highly cooked form. This alters the protein structure and makes a reaction less likely.

It's the proteins being excreted and sitting by his skin that makes the spots come out, so in a way you have already done a skin test.

JanandDan · 21/05/2005 22:46

Thanks for this. I will wait before giving him tomato, but its a pain because tomotoes are the basis of most meals i make! Its really interesting about the protein changing by being cooked - i wouldnt have thought that atall. But then id never have thought tomatoes could upset him! Just as well we dont live in the Med...!

OP posts:
spod · 21/05/2005 22:50

Message deleted

bobbybob · 22/05/2005 04:07

We have very tomato based meals too, we have now gone over to more meat and two veg type dinners, and I have found that I feel much better too. When tomatoes were in season I ate a big bowl of tomato salad and felt rotten. It was yum though!

tatt · 22/05/2005 06:00

Tomato is the nightshade family -see this website

peppers and tomato are mentioned as being in the same family, also a possible link to one type of pollen. Don't know about butternut squash. Tomato allergy can be linked with latex allergy so be careful of second contact with balloons.

People don't always react to other foods in the smae family anyway. Both of my nut allergic family can have other members of the legume family, fortunately

bobbybob · 22/05/2005 08:51

tatt - never heard of tomato and latex allergy (and ds is allergic to latex so I'm sure I would)

Banana and Kiwifruit are the main ones for latex allergy and also things like plums and chesnuts are further down the list.

ecomum · 22/05/2005 11:21

My DS's eczema really flared up when I ate tinned tomatoes/tomato puree. Since I started weaning him I've also discovered that he reacts to butternut squash (amongst a host of other fruit/veg)- his skin comes up in hives.

Turns out DS is sensitive to salicylates (a form of aspirin found naturally in fruit and veg. Yes tomato is a member of the nightshade family which may be responsible, but tinned tomatoes and tom puree are also v. high in salicylates. Squash is also supposed to be fairly high. Perhaps this is the culprit?

For lists of salicylate contents of foods see link{

ecomum · 22/05/2005 11:23
JanandDan · 22/05/2005 18:52

Thats exactly whats happened with us ecomum, im glad im not mad - i asked my doctor and he kind of rolled his eyes in a 'another mad mother' kind of way and said it MIGHT be possible, but i havent found anything else out about it. will check those links now!

OP posts:
tatt · 23/05/2005 11:03

it was from this webpage bobbybob, I'd not heard of it before either.

Toothache · 23/05/2005 11:37

I'm allergic to tomatoes. The allergy was confiurmed by blood tests when I was 17. Must just point out that I don't get a skin reaction if I touch tomatoes to my skin.... only if I eat them!

Ecomum - That is really fascinating and useful for me, thanks!!

Tatt - I've never heard of a link between Tomato and latex allergies. I'm definitely not allergic to latex btw.

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