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Allergies and intolerances

please help

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pleaserewind · 16/05/2005 20:17

ds2 has really bad hayfever. At the moment he has eye drops and piriton syrup. Today school rang for me to collect him as he was really suffering. when i got there he looked like the elephant man!
we have tried other antihistamines last year and non helped
also i have been giving him some homeopathic remedy that a friends husband gave me ( he runs a clinic) does anyone know if it's o'k to give this aswell as the conventional medicine?
he has itchy skin too and i'm wondering if the piriton is acually CAUSING it as it says it can in rare cases.
somebody please give me some advice because we are so fed up of it and i can't keep him off school for the next three months

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pleaserewind · 16/05/2005 21:44


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Kidstrack2 · 16/05/2005 21:48

Sorry can't really help but a friend of mine a few years ago took her son to a herbal type person called Yan De Freis?(spelling) who helped her son with bad hayfever.

Fran1 · 16/05/2005 21:53

Hi i suffered bad with hayfever all my life, until i discovered the magical zirtek. Don't know how old your son is and what age zirtek is suitable but just thought i'd let you know!
Interestingly several years after zirtek being successful treatment for me, my symptoms have virtually disappeared!

Could you talk to the school and ask that they allow him to stay indoors when he is feeling bad, instead of being in the playground. And encourage your son to go and wash his hands and face to relieve symptoms.

I would stop the piriton if i were you and see if his itching stops.

I hope you find something that works for him, hayfever can be really horrible

Potty1 · 16/05/2005 22:16

pleaserewind - my ds2 suffers dreadfully.

We use nasal spray, eye drops and Clarytin. Clarytin syrup has a different active ingredient (loratadine) so it might be worth trying depending on how old your ds2 is. I have used piriton myself in the past, for photosensitivity, and don't get on with it. HTH

tatt · 17/05/2005 09:06

Zirtek is OK from 2 - I've checked the leaflet in our box. It doesn't do anything for me. Also try vaseline just around the inside of his nose to trap the pollen. There are nasal filters available too - I;ll try to find a website.

Its possible that going dairy free might help him as sometimes if you reduce other pressures on the body it can cope with inhaled allergens better.

tatt · 17/05/2005 09:08,9688,636387,00.html

Look at the bit on nasal air guard, there may be others. If you're near enough to london to visit the allergy show that might be interesting.

Toothache · 17/05/2005 09:21

Pleaserweind - As others have said here I suffered terribly as a child. And it's only recently that I've gotten out of the mindset that summer = hell!
I tried loads of different combinations of drugs. Eventually settled on Rhinolast Nasal Spray, Zirtek and a Salbutamol Inhaler. The eye swelling and discomfort is actually caused by rubbing them. As I got a bit older I realised that if I resisted giving my itchy eyes a good rub then the itching normally passed after a few minutes and no swelling. Once they are rubbed they swell, and also tiny lumps appear under the eyelids irritating the surface of the eye..... therefore, making it much more uncomfortable! But, like I said, I only saw the reality of this when I was old enough to.

Toothache · 17/05/2005 09:23

Oops, strange wording at the start of my post... should have read "Like others on here, I too suffered terribly as a child"!

When will I learn to preview!!!!

pleaserewind · 17/05/2005 13:41

thanx everyone, was getting rather stressed yesterday!
I did tell his teacher that if his eyes start to itch then he must hold his cold cloth against them to stop him rubbing, but she obviously didn't take much notice!
Been to see the doc this morning and been given loratadine, he said if he's no better by weekend he'll have to go on the adult dose of it

i assume it's o.k to keep on with the eye drops aswell??....and homeopathic drops too???

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Potty1 · 17/05/2005 14:35

pleaserewind - which eye drops are you using.? Some of them should be used over the hayfever season whether the eyes are sore or not as they have to 'build up'. Ds's are Sodium Chromoglycate (think that's it but waiting for his prescription to be made up at the chemsit) and they have to be used in this way.

pleaserewind · 17/05/2005 18:05

hi potty1 , yes thats what ds has. I found out from the net that they should be used like that and also that it's a good idea to start them before the hayfever season starts which i have done this year. i think he'd probably be even worse without them so i'll keep up with them i think.
how old is your ds?

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experience · 17/05/2005 19:34

my ds (age 6) also suffers badly with hayfever - takes after me with all of the allergies. started taking Zirtek this year for the first time and fingers crossed - fantastic results !! Also, have tried stinging nettle drops from a herbal shop which are worth a try.

bobbybob · 18/05/2005 02:09

Zyrtec is licensed in the States for use from 6 months, and my paed here in NZ regularly gives it every day to children between 1 and 2.5 years of age as there has been a study showing that it decrease the incidence of asthma for children with eczema and environmental allergies.

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