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Allergies and intolerances

Dairy allergy and MMR

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AcademicMum · 18/06/2009 22:15

DS2 is due to have his MMR vaccine soon. I know that one ingredient of the vaccine is lactose and DS2 has a cows milk allergy. I know that cows milk allergy is a reaction to milk protein not lactose, but still it worries me in case the vaccine could be contaminated with milk protein. What have others done with dairy allergic children and MMR? Have the injection? Have it in hospital? Or do the single vaccines not contain lactose?

OP posts:
tatt · 18/06/2009 22:43

Lactose isn't listed as an ingredient here?

simpson · 18/06/2009 22:52

whwn DD had her MMR I told the nurse before hand (rang a week before) and they said the MMR they use didn't have lactose in and she was fine with it.

I would check with docs/nurse beforehand though just to make sure....

AcademicMum · 18/06/2009 22:55

I've already got the drug infomation sheet for it from the GP and lactose is definately listed in the version they use. Maybe I'll ask if they will provide the vaccine from another manufacturer for him (without lactose).

OP posts:
AcademicMum · 18/06/2009 23:00

Also listed as an ingredient on the link you posted, Tatt. The version they give at our surgery is called Priorix (made by GlaxoSmithKline)

OP posts:
simpson · 18/06/2009 23:11

Grrr DD only had her MMR a few mths ago and the nurse gave me the ingredients for MMR to check a week beforehand (for my peace of mind she had already done it herself) and I can't find it!!

I know they ordered a special one in for her though.

She is lactose intolerant BTW.

tatt · 19/06/2009 06:43

sorry - when I searched netdoctor suggested M-M-RVAXPRO was used here. It's many years since mine had MMR and they aren't lactose intolerant.

Maybe ask for that one to be ordered for you?

AcademicMum · 19/06/2009 22:10

DS2 isn't lactose intolerant, he's allergic to cows milk protein, but I'm terrified that the lactose could be contaminated with some of the protein. I saw the effect that just the tiniest bit of yoghurt had on him and I've truly never been so scared. So I don't want to take the risk.

I think I'll do as you suggest and ask for a different version of the vaccine.

Thanks for your help.

OP posts:
ilovemydogandmrobama · 19/06/2009 22:17

ds recently had his, and he was OK. This was after an episode that his consultant thinks was anaphylactic after eating a minute piece of cheese.

Oh, and may be worth checking the other vaccines too? DS got a booster for something or other at the same time.

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