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Vaginal eczema

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MumGoneCrazy · 10/06/2009 13:54

Ive suffered from eczema all my life (25yrs) mainly on my arms, scalp, back of neck and sometimes on the back of my legs but 3 months ago i started getting patches on my inner thighs it then spread to the creases between my legs and along the bottom of my stomach where my old c-section scar is.

I went to a doctor and got some emollient cream which made it worse i think i had an allergic reation to it, now its spread to all over my pubic area making my vagina very dry and itchy, it also burns n stings, which is causing many a sleepless night which is not good as im 6months pregnant with 3 other kids to look after, im also finding it hard to wear underwear and trousers so spend most of the day in nighties.

I've been given balnium oil for the bath, antibiotics because of an infection from scratching and hydrocortisone ointment but after 2 weeks of using all these everyday im still not seeing any improvement so am going back to the doctors.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if they found anything to help with the symptoms esp the burning and stinging of the vulva area so i can finally get some sleep.

OP posts:
roneef · 10/06/2009 14:21

Hi, don't have personal experience but could you have ringworm?

I had a friend who had this and it did spread quickly, dermatologists couldn't diagnose for ages!

Hope you feel better soon. X

tatt · 10/06/2009 17:10

Hi - don't really know what to suggest but this will bump it for you anyway. Think you are right to go back to the doctors. Have you seen a dermatologist?

Probiotics are helpful for eczema and help to avoid your child developing problems. The antibiotics will upset your gut bacteria so its definitely worth eating some live yoghurt. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids and they are good for skin too (eaten not on the skin).

I have a friend who had vaginal problems and their dermatologist recommended not wearing underwear at home. She wore long skirts . No baths only showers and pat dry very gently or allow to air dry. They also prescribed hydrocortisone cream and said it was important only to use water or acqueous cream for cleansing. You buy that in Boots in large tubs (its cheap) and I use it on my eczema.

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